Our Main Question and Related Research Methods


We are currently picking between two areas of interest:

1. How would future pandemics affect the elderly population?

2. How do people experience entertainment differently due to COVID? (such as books, movies, etc.)

Regarding question 1, we think that mind mapping and empathy mapping are two good research methods for investigation. Because of how broad our question is, mind mapping is a good method for idea generation and thought organization. It can be used both as a tool for us designers to ideate and for our target audience (elderly people) to visualize their thoughts and priorities. Empathy mapping is also a good method for this question because it allows us to gain a better understanding and build more empathy towards our target audience. It is a holistic approach in terms of building understanding because we can consolidate what our target audience’s goals are and what they see, say, do, and hear.

For our main question concerning entertainment, we believe stakeholder mapping and the rose, thorn, bud method will be useful in our research process. There are many stakeholders to be considered relating to the entertainment industry, such as streaming platforms/publishers, entertainment creators, die hard fans, casual consumers, and many more. It would be very helpful to organize these different entities, because we can see the vast horizon of people our design decisions will impact and decide which stakeholders’ perspectives we want to focus on. We are also considering the rose, thorn, bud method for the initial stages of our research process. There are video streaming platforms and eBook borrowing systems in place already, and we can label the positive and negative features of these services using this method. By understanding existing services, we can target a specific problem that current services aren’t considering/prioritizing. While doing the rose, thorn, bud method, we can also see the similar and different ways people in our team think: someone may consider something to be a negative attribute while someone else may think it is a positive.


We worked together on gathering secondary research and thinking about our next steps on this figma board.



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