Research Methods

Speed Dating Reflection

Recap of Swimlanes:
Swimlane diagrams are a flowchart style diagram which can effectively display all the components of a system or process into a map. As its name implies, the diagram consists of various rows/lanes, each lane describing the actions and processes of a component of that system. These components can be employees, workgroups, departments etc. The lanes come together to visually connect the goals and requirements of different actors into an overarching user story, and can be particularly helpful to any project where there is a complicated system. Its strength lies in visualizing complex processes and systems in understandable manners and enabling viewers to identify waste, redundancies, and inefficiency in a system.

Dorothy-Business Origami
A research method inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper, it models current and future systems through the use of paper cutouts. I believe this research method could work quite well when used in tandem with swimlanes. While swimlanes look in more detail at the logistics and background workings of systems and processes, business origami is more indicative of the user journeys that are affected by those factors. They could be used to effectively analyze the strengths and shortcomings of systems. Since it seems like a quite flexible and versatile research method, I would definitely use it if it were applicable to the project I am working on.

Eric-Speed Dating
Much like its name implies, it is a research method involving putting the audience on speed dates with multiple ideas. These ideas are presented without being attached to anyone, and is effective in helping teams receive critical feedback. Since it’s used earlier in the stages of designing it would occur before the production of any swimlane diagrams, which are used in later stages to look at working systems. As we are in the early stages of this class, and I don’t know what my project would look like I am not sure how and/or if this would fit into my project.

Elena-Mystery Shopping
A research method involving an assigned mystery shopper playing the role of a customer and experiencing various elements or stages of a customer experience. It could be used hand n hand with swimlanes to identify the flaws and shortcomings of systems. It could be used first to to identify areas for development, and swimlanes could come after to pinpoint the actual area of the system which needs to change. They seem to work well together, but I have yet any chances to determine their compatibility with the project I have to do.



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