Final Reflection

Over all, I believe this semester to be a success. While I personally may not have performed as hoped, we still learned a lot of valuable information with regards to Digital Humanities. We gained a better understanding of what digital humanities is, and that there will never really be a set definition of the topic. We also gained more knowledge as to what can be considered data, as well as learned about some of the different kinds of data, and that it necessarily doesn’t fit into the traditional idea of the term.

We also learned new and better ways to collect data, verify, that data before its use, as well as different ways to present that data. One of the fantastic things about this course is that not all that was learned is restricted to the field of Digital Humanities. Many of the programming skills, as well as the group projects and labs will help prepare us for any field we might enter.

Before entering this course, I had no idea what digital humanities was, let alone how it might have affected my career. But after completing the course, I have a better idea of just how broad the field really is, and how common some of the skills used in this field really are. The concepts of big and small data, as well as what constitutes good data, along with all the programming and teamwork skills will prove useful in the future no matter what path I may take.