Day 16 with Dionysus (9.10.2016)

The Kurdish are marching in central london, Just thought y’all should know. They are marching for freedom of self determination and the right to their own language and for the freedom of Ocalan.
Y’all probably wont hear about it unless they end up accidentaly breaking some white guys personal property, then I dare say the Kurdish will have rioted in central london today.

Dionysos, Richard Seaford

In the fifth and sixth centuries the most abundant evidence for Dionysos as the god of wine in in Athenian vase-painting. Many of the vases were used to contain wine, and are accordingly often decorated with pictures of Dionysos and of his retinue of ‘silens’ or ‘satyrs’- hedonistic males with some equine characteristics, fond of revelry, sex, music, and wine. — 16
On Both vases Dionysos seems less civilised or more rustic than the other deities — 17
  • goes on to explain that Dionysus is bare foot, facing the viewer, walking not in a chariot etc
  • Anthesteria = a festival for Dionysos. late feb, all about opening and drinking the wine from last autumn.
  • In aumtumn they celebrate Oschophoria
The vintage was an event of joyful and seasonally determined communality as well /as economic significance, and the evidence for it being accompanied by Dionysiac celelbration is found throughout antiquity. — 17–18
  • Daphnis and Chloe — erotic desire+vintage festival on LESBOS appropriate to ‘a festival of Dionysos and the birth of wine’ (2.2.1)


  • No even slaves of children were excluded
  • communal because made to gether and by being consumed by all men it might remove boundaries — 18
  • pain removing to wealthy and poor
  • Hephaistos is allowed back into the Olympians because of wine
  • Daphnis and Chloe — rich elave home to join workers in the feild to celebrate (chapter 3)
  • In classical period greek women are discouraged from dinking wine but in the play Dionysos brings a spring forth so his maenads can drink from it — 20
  • But women were central to this festival because they had to go off and perform mysteries. including having sex with dionysos, well the wife of the ‘king’
  • girls swing at the festival to commemorate a myth where a daughter hangs herself because her father was killed by the poeple he gave wine to because they thought he poisoned them
  • Dionysos is associated with the controll of unruliness (laws 671e1)
  • Dionysos and Demeter are ‘the two first things amoung humans’ (bacchae). demeter corn so food, and dionysus wine so “in nature and not merely in ritual -the transformation or liberation of the psyche.” — 22
  • he is a god of trees/flowers/fruits and from late antiquity he is an embodiment of the personified Seasons. — 23
  • domestic and wild animals but leopard is a major thing
  • unique report with beasts that are uncontraollable by humans
  • associated AND idetified by wine and animals
  • eating raw meat a thing — 24
  • ‘impersonation a precurser of drama’ — 24
Satyrs combine humanity, animality, and immortality. To dress up as a satyr is to acquire another identity, as immortal creature in the presence of Dionysos, by means of collapsing all three fundemental categories of living into one: human, animal, and diety. — 24
  • satyrs belong to polis and the wild
  • yolking beats, civilising wine drinking, nature into culture
Wine is dangerous, but also seems to re-unite what makes humankind unique -the consciousness that accompanies the subjection of nature- with what grows out of the earth — 25