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Nov 7, 2015 · 2 min read

AI@Staqu Technologies

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Let’s suppose you manage to buy the dress or jacket of your favorite movie actor/actress are not able explore the matching jewelery or shoes worn by them with that particular dress. Many companies have even started putting in tremendous amounts of money and effort in bringing in fashion curators to help you in making this choice.

I know for nerds like us any tee goes with any pair of jeans and for people who claim life to be too short for fashion discovery, it starts to feel even shorter when searching for the matching accessories and apparels.

But there are other ‘fashion-genic’ people as well, living in this world, who take their dressing more seriously than Mark Zuckerberg (sorry Mark ;-) ). After all, “your dressing sense is the first thing anyone can see and it’s the first impression that counts right?”. Just to assist and improve the quest of such fashion lovers, we have created the most insane AI engine ever. You or your friend may have missed what Tom Cruise wore in MI5 in its famous aeroplane shot (albeit the scene was meant to enjoy the action and not fashion), but this AI once trained will never miss such fine detail.

I am sure it might be bugging you to not know the fine details that go behind this awesome engine; I mean how can a dumb computer recommend a person’s jewelry, shoes or even jeans with a fashion sense rivaling that of a fashion curator? Just to clear your doubts and suspicions, I would like to refer you to the AI engine which can even learn from more sensitive medical image data to detect cancerous cells with an accuracy of 90%. Ironically this paper is written by those people who belong to electrical or computer science background and don’t even have any in depth medical background. So the conclusion is if a cancerous cell can be detected by researchers without any field knowledge of medical imaging or oncology for that matter, then why not fashion! “Big data” has now become really big enough to help automate a lot of things which no one ever thought of; all that is required is some awesome AI magic in hands of a super-awesome conjurer and the rest will be nothing short of a miracle!

We at Staqu , a team comprising of people having more than 250 research (and counting ;)) papers in the fields of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, are utilizing our in depth understanding of AI to automate the future e-commerce industry. Artificial Intelligence is no more a phrase only nerds talk about; we at Staqu are aiming to bring this into your daily routine.



Research@Staqu is an attempt to showcase some of the…

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