2016: When VR reaches the rest of us
Alex Taussig

Dear VR optimist Alex Taussig,

before responding to your Article 2016: When VR reaches the rest of us i have to out myself,too! As you i am a VR optimist myself! And my position might be slightly biased! Yet here my response:

I acknowledge your positive vibes! Yes it is true that the current second wave of vr could have “ the potential of VR as the next major consumer computing platform”. However, even though there are all the devices you mentioned coming, the chicken-egg problem (as very well described by Sivan Iram)* is still there. Without a global net of Investitions especially in content, who knows, the bubble might burst?

During our recent Episode of ResearchVR 007 — The Glass ceiling in VR ecosystems: EU vs. US one became clear: At least in Europe there is not much happening at all! And furthermore, something so crucial as a global VR ecosystem might be in case of it’s absence rather fatal for the second wave of VR.

Most of the Investment is going into Hardware. And that’s great! Developers can hack around, people from the whole world will film 360° videos and Facebook is ganna be the major VR Platform! Or not? Let’s face few obvious facts: No one in their mind needs privately made 360° video. Sure for industrial or advertising industries is has a value! But a selfie won’t get better by having more degrees! And how many companies are burning money on potentially useless devices (like LG and their “special” HMD)?

Remember how the PC itself became once “the next major consumer computing platform”? How did it happen? It was used by the Industry! It was first build for the Industry. Even the smartphones and tablets used to be Industry Devices! The Palms and business convertibles inspired the main stream!

So my point is the following: Before investors, like potentially you, don’t get away from the idea that #VR is now totally just consumer and hej let’s found another cardboard Firm (i am slightly exaggerating ) nothing will happen! Before there is not proper Research done on VR and it is integrated into functional and serious applications, the idea of “ the potential of VR as the next major consumer computing platform” is just a dream!

IMHO! I have a different stance than Sivan Iram,as i am sure, we knew very well most uses of VR! But i agree on his quote from Premium VR Content — The Chicken And The Egg Problem

To get out of the chicken-and-egg problem, we must invest in both chickens and eggs without the expectations of immediate returns.” — Sivan Iram

tl;dr: before there is a broad adaptation by industrial, scientific and medical, the best hardware might come out, VR will remain a trend, nothing more!

Disclaimer: Petr Legkov is Cognitive Scientist, working on functional and serious applications in VR at SALT AND PEPPER software solutions , is the co-host of the ResearchVR podcast and a VR optimist!