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Cast your mind back, way back. Cast your mind back to this time last year. What were you doing? What did you plan to do? Had you heard of Researcher?

We recently tried this exercise and were somewhat surprised at what has changed at Researcher. So, at the start of April 2018, we were only 11 members of staff. We only had 2,000 journals which were all chemistry and life-science based journals. Fast forward a year later, and we have over 11,000 journals that cover 10 disciplines. At Researcher, we’re always making our app and journals better to help you. So what better way to do this than to add journals? And this is what we’ve recently done. In fact, we’ve just added 2,500 of these journals.

You may be wondering how we choose which journals to add. Well, the answer to this is two-fold. Firstly, we use Scopus — is there an easier and more effective way to add the journals with the highest impact factors? We think not. Our other method (and definitely our favourite) is to take journal requests from you. The journals that matter most to your research, matters to us. And why is this? It’s because you matter to us!

We’re sure that you don’t want to read the entire list of journals that we have just added, and to be honest, we don’t want to create over 2,500 individual links to the journals below. So, without further ado, we would like to present you with the top 6 new journals from each research area.

Social Sciences & Psychology

Organizational Research Methods

Review of Educational Research

Clinical Psychological Science


Educational Researcher

American Educational Research Journal

So fast forward to today. You have obviously heard of Researcher, unless you have just stumbled upon this blog. But, have you completed the research you were doing last year? Have all of your hopes and dreams come true? We really hope so! We are looking to add a further 10,000 journals in the coming months, so let us know what journals to add by emailing us at

Thousands of academics around the world are already using RESEARCHER to browse their favourite journals. RESEARCHER is free to download and use on iOS, Android and at


Browse the latest papers from thousands of journals. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS AND DESKTOP.


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Browse 1000s of journals on your phone, tablet and desktop. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS and DESKTOP.


Browse the latest papers from thousands of journals. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS AND DESKTOP.

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