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You already are a Research user with access to thousands of academics papers anywhere and anytime. But what about your colleagues and the rest of the academic community?

We previously wrote a blog outlining how sharing Researcher can help you to increase your own academic productivity. While this particular blog enticed you to be selfish, we are flipping the scales, and asking you to be selfless this time. If selflessness isn’t your cup of tea, you can read our guide on how to be selfish here.

Use social media

Social media is everywhere, and social media can be used for anything. So is there a better way to spread the word about Researcher than a simple post to your followers on social media. How you do this, however, is completely up to you. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Leave a review on the app store

Love me, love me, say that you love me. Leaving a review on the app store is an amazing way to share Researcher. Before downloading an app, do you look at the reviews? So, the more reviews we get the more the app is shared — great! Plus, it’s an easy way to leave feedback and get in touch with us.

Share a paper

If you share an interesting paper to a friend who doesn’t have Researcher, they will receive an email notification with a prompt to download the app. With a simple tap on the “SHARE” button, you can help others discover literature quickly and efficiently. If you need some assistance with paper sharing, you can read our guide here.

Simply talk about Researcher

A researcher’s life is busy but a coffee/ tea break seems almost compulsory to carry on. You can show your colleagues how the app works over coffee. Give them a taste, and let them do the rest! We know how your coffee breaks work, so you can easily find the time to share Researcher.

There are so many ways to share Researcher, and hopefully, this guide has given you a few pointers. So spread the word — we’re sure that your academic friends and colleagues won’t be disappointed.

Thousands of academics around the world are already using RESEARCHER to browse their favourite journals. RESEARCHER is free to download and use on iOS, Android and at


Browse the latest papers from thousands of journals. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS AND DESKTOP.


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Browse 1000s of journals on your phone, tablet and desktop. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS and DESKTOP.


Browse the latest papers from thousands of journals. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS AND DESKTOP.

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