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Product Update: Zotero Integration

Referencing and citing is an essential process in academia. So essential that we wrote a previous blog piece explaining why, when and how you should cite — which you can read here. But as crucial as referencing and citing is, it is time-consuming. Tracking both primary and secondary sources, research notes and general thoughts throughout the research process, can leave you with an extensive and ever-expanding bibliography and set of footnotes.

In the last 10 years, there have been monumental changes to previous citing and reference methods as managers like Mendeley have influenced this academic practice. There are multiple reference managers available, and their use is subject to individual preference. But generally, these reference managers allow you to collect, manage, share and use the references you find throughout your research.

RESEARCHER users have been able to sync their accounts with their Mendeley accounts for some time now. In fact, over 10,000 users have synced their RESEARCHER and Mendeley accounts. Our latest update has streamlined the paper synchronisation process with Mendeley, and in addition, we are excited to announce our integration with Zotero.

Now both Mendeley and Zotero can be synced with your RESEARCHER account to ensure that all your bookmarks are sent directly to your reference manager.

How do you sync your account?

Just under ‘search your bookmarks’ in the bookmark tab on RESEARCHER, you can find a dropdown to sync with your reference managers. From here you can select either your Mendeley or Zotero account. After logging in with your credentials, all your bookmarked papers will appear in your chosen reference manager.

We want to make your research as easy as possible, so we will be integrating more reference managers over time. So do you use some other reference manager? You can let us know which reference manager you would like us to integrate by emailing us at

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