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At Researcher, we are movers and shakers, we are people who want to deliver the best app for academic literature research. This is the reason why the app is constantly improving and evolving. As there have been some rather significant changes to the app over the past 6 weeks, you may have missed an important update that will make your research process more productive and enjoyable. So, if you haven’t updated your Researcher app recently (just to make your life easier, here is a direct link to the update) or if you are curious about Researcher’s evolution over the last 6 weeks, here’s what we’ve done:


Dark Mode

There may have been a long wait and a lot of jealousy on the part of those iOS users who have been waiting for a dark mode theme. But that wait is finally over. Head to your settings and turn on dark mode. Before this, you couldn’t work into the middle of the night because of the blinding light, but now there are no excuses — sorry about that.


Yes, we have improved filters. We have gone on and on about filters for a few weeks now. So, if you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard of or taken advantage of these filters, this blog on what our filters do will explain everything you’ve missed.

Paper Sharing

Sharing is caring. So we decided to create a paper share feature. To send a paper, all you have to do is tap the ‘SHARE’ button on the paper. Then, type in the username or email address of the individual or group of recipients. It’s as simple and effective as that. There are so many advantages to the paper sharing feature, and you can read all of them in this blog.

Profile Update

Having a profile is nice. Having an updated profile is better. We’ve added hundreds of new institutions for you to select. We’d seriously recommend you do this, as we’ll talk about the benefits for our Android users later. (Sorry iOS guys. We do love you and we are working hard to ensure that you get all the luxuries that our Android users get. REMEMBER: Good things come to those who wait. Although, for peace of mind, we’d highly recommend that you do not read on.)


Well, you guys are the lucky ones, right? You already have night mode, so we can skip past that one and move on to all the new features that the most recent update has to offer.

All of the above

If you are an Android user and have skipped over the additions to the iOS app, then I’m afraid that you will have to scroll up and take a look at the paper sharing and filter features.

Profile update and Institutional Access

Read the above for iOS and then prepare for an easier means to read the papers that are most relevant to you. Institutional access. Yes, you read that right! No longer do you have to constantly log in via your institution on a publisher’s page, you can now do that straight from Researcher. Simply choose the institution you are at and switch on ‘Institutional Access’ in your settings. There you have it. (If you’re an iOS user, we did warn you to not read down this far). If you are unable to find your institution, drop us a quick email at, and we’ll add it straight away.

Hide papers you’ve seen

Are you seeing the same papers time and time again? Fancy hiding them from your feed without swiping left and losing them altogether? Now papers you have seen are marked as read via an eye on that particular paper. Then, from your settings, you can hide these papers entirely with one simple toggle. It’s amazing just how far our settings page has come now, right?

Journals Journals Journals

Over the past six weeks, we have also added over 2,000 journals. Whilst many of these have been requested by you, we aren’t stopping any time soon. We plan to add a further 10,000 journals in the following months. If there are any journals that you would like us to prioritise, you can let us know by emailing us at

These are just some of the few features that we have added over the last six weeks to improve Researcher. We’ve also done a lot of complex maintenance work to improve speed and reliability, but that kind of stuff goes way over most of our heads. If you need any assistance with any of the above, or if you have any ideas for new Researcher features, you can always email us at

Thousands of academics around the world are already using RESEARCHER to browse their favourite journals. RESEARCHER is free to download and use on iOS, Android and at


Browse the latest papers from thousands of journals. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS AND DESKTOP.


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Browse 1000s of journals on your phone, tablet and desktop. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS and DESKTOP.


Browse the latest papers from thousands of journals. AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON ANDROID, iOS AND DESKTOP.

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