We’re giving away 1M ResearchCoin every week to accelerate science — here’s how you can claim your share

Patrick Joyce
Oct 29, 2020 · 3 min read
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ResearchCoin — a crypto token to help accelerate the pace of scientific research

A few months ago, we launched ResearchCoin (RSC) to help build the ResearchHub community. ResearchHub is working to accelerate scientific research (“Github for science” is our vision), and ResearchCoin is our way of rewarding people who contribute to this effort. You can read more about the mission of ResearchHub here.

Over the past few months, the ResearchHub community has seen increased adoption and usage, with communities starting to form around each “hub”. We would now like to expand how quickly we’re giving away ResearchCoin, to further incentivize the community and reward users of ResearchHub even further.

Initially, we started with a simple reward mechanism: for every upvote you receive from the community you get 1 RSC added to your account. We’re keeping this mechanism in place, and expect that it will be the standard for a long time, but starting today we will also be adding an additional incentive — Every week an additional 1M ResearchCoin will be rewarded proportionately to everyone who contributes to ResearchHub that week.

There are 1B ResearchCoin currently outstanding, so this represents 0.1% of all ResearchCoin that are being given away each week for a limited time.

This means that if there are 100 equal contributors to ResearchHub this week, and you are one of them, you will get 1/100th of the 1M coins awarded to your account at the end of the week, or 10,000 RSC. If there are 1,000 equal contributors, you would get 1/1000th of the pro-rata distribution or 1,000 RSC, and so on.

Awards are distributed pro-rata by the number of upvotes each weekly contributor receives from the community for their contributions during that week. If you get at least one upvote during the week, you will be eligible to receive a portion of the 1M RSC that is distributed each week, in addition to the regular “1 RSC per upvote” reward mechanism.

While we’re starting by giving away 1M RSC per week, we don’t anticipate that this level of rewards will make sense for long. We are currently planning to cut this weekly amount in half periodically until it reaches some de minimis amount, at which point we will end the program.

To get started earning the weekly RSC reward Choose your favorite area of research and:

  • Add an interesting paper you’ve read
  • Ask or answer an insightful question
  • Help summarize a paper with key takeaways in plain English
  • Edit and improve submissions from other members of the community.

By doing one of the above actions, you will be eligible to get upvotes from the community and therefore become eligible to receive your weekly rewards. Contributions should be high-quality and adhere to our discussion guidelines. ResearchHub’s high reputation users have moderation privileges and they will remove posts that violate our discussion guidelines. The first week’s bonus RSC will be calculated and distributed on Sunday, November 8, 2020.

Together, we can help build a better model for scientific collaboration.

It is still early days, and we’re excited to have you join us! Please send any feedback our way, and help us grow the ResearchHub community by inviting your friends and following us on Twitter!


Accelerating the pace of scientific research

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