Distributed analysis on a global scale: treading lightly among giants and friends in order to grow ‘flowers’

The ‘What is ResearchOps’ model in Kumu
A snapshot of the #WhatIsResearchOps tags in Aurelius

We still had a huge problem though. How to get from all of this to something that wasn’t completely and utterly overwhelming? I have to say, at this point I went a little rogue….

To quote Amelia Earhart, sometimes the ‘most effective way to do it, is to do it’.

The theme ‘capability’ from the ‘What is ResearchOps’ question
The ecosystem/framework ‘flower’
Leadership in the ‘What is ResearchOps’ model
Knowledge Management



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Brigette Metzler

researcher, counter of things, PhD student, public servant…into ResearchOps, HCD, information architecture, ontology, data. Intensely optimistic.