Next Town Hall about Research Skills Workshops

Are you interested in finding out more about our new #ResearchOps workshop series? In our March edition of the town hall Dave (@stonecrops_)and Tomomi (@tomomiq ) will introduce how to run your own workshop on identifying research skills and career growth potentials. Join our web meetup on 27th Mar at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT) and sign up via eventbrite:

the crew of the researcher skills & career workshop, by ResearchOps community Slack handle

A group of the ResearchOps community has worked on a framework of user research skills for mapping individuals’ career and skills growth opportunities. We’re calling for volunteers from the global community to run their own local workshop on this during April — June 2019. Very soon, we’ll be publishing a facilitators’ package for a workshop that seeks to:

  • Give participants new frame & perspective for thinking about what it means to work as a researcher, and where a career can go
  • Provide space for participants to reflect on the nature of their work, identify specific areas worthy of more time & attention
  • Connect participants with each other to learn from each others’ lessons, perspectives, and approaches to the work
  • Send useful data back to the skills framework team so we can publish research skills findings representing researchers around the world.

In this town hall, Dave Hora and Tomomi Sasaki will introduce the project, the skills framework prototype, the workshop package, and take plenty of time for your questions.

We will also have a short Q&A about everything related to the ResearchOps community.

So see you next Wednesday, 27th of March!