5 Benefits of Mobile Device Management Solutions

In today’s hyper competitive world, everyone is on the go. As technology has expanded and evolved in the past decades, the usage of smartphones and tablets has become more and more prominent in the workplace. Ultimately all this has resulted in the increased demand for robust mobile device management solutions than ever before.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a service that enables IT Admins to manage different mobile devices be it smartphones, tablets and more, from the cloud. Whether you are a medium level organization or an MNC, mobile device management solutions have become a must for companies of all sizes.

MDM allows IT admins to track and monitor devices with different operating systems, access resources, remotely remove data or take backup from devices, and so on. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of mobile device management solutions and how it has become paramount for companies to use MDM services to stay ahead of competition:

Protects Crucial Data
For any organization, protecting the integrity of the company and its crucial data is of prime importance. Companies cannot take the risk of confidential information being stolen or lost from a mobile device. Mobile device management services track and monitor mobile devices through a centralized console to keep the company’s integrity intact.

Supports BYOD 
In the past few years, many companies have embraced BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which allows employees to use mobile devices to access company’s data such as emails, calendars and so on. There are various benefits of BYOD — It increases efficiency and productivity, reduces equipment costs, and lowers burden of IT staff as employees are managing their own equipment.

However, there are various risks involved with BYOD, as these mobile devices are exposed to security vulnerabilities that are not either supervised by the IT staff or protected by any antivirus solutions. That’s where the need for mobile device management arises. It ensures that company’s IT security and data is not compromised just for the sake of increased productivity.

Remote Monitoring
Mobile device management services let you track, monitor and manage mobile devices even from remote locations; ultimately enhancing the security of the mobile devices connected to your company’s network. Besides it also gives the ability to disable any unauthorized user accessing the device.

Corporate Data Backup & Restore
It’s almost a nightmare to backup data from different types of mobile devices with their own unique software applications. That’s where the need for MDM solutions comes in. When you hire a reliable mobile device management company, it ensures the data back up in case of any information loss.

Robust Application Control
Companies use various applications for increased productivity and easy work management. Mobile device management solutions enable users to easily install applications on their mobile devices as well as block unauthorized applications that can put company’s data at risk.

Considering the above-mentioned, myriad benefits of mobile device management solutions, it won’t be wrong to say that companies require MDM services like never before so that the company’s security doesn’t get compromised and the work productivity and efficiency of mobile workforce remains high.

Choose only a reliable and professional mobile device management company that offers effective and comprehensive enterprise MDM services to configure, manage and secure diverse fleet of mobile devices.

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