Global Adoption: The Reserve Citizens Program

Dec 16, 2019 · 6 min read

Reserve is about more than creating a decentralized stablecoin infrastructure. It’s about building a global community.

We know that the “build it and they will come” approach seldom works for companies. Therefore, we focus on bringing Reserve Protocol directly to our users where we can learn from their feedback. But why stop there? We’re taking it a step further by launching a program that allows our team to expand into new regions by working directly with key ambassadors.

Introducing: The Reserve Citizens Program

A Quick Primer

Not unlike an ambassador program, our Reserve Citizens Program is a collective of driven and experienced blockchain evangelists. Currently, our roster of Citizens cover a range of countries including Venezuela, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Our mission is to grow these communities through initiatives like hosting events, engaging with local exchanges, speaking one-on-one with early users, and drafting case studies that help our development team get a deeper glimpse into the workings of these regional ecosystems. You can see how beneficial this program is to our better understanding of the global financial landscape. In fact, we see it as a direct push and pull, where Reserve Protocol will benefit users, and users in return will provide valuable feedback.

Origin Story

Our first and most well established international team is based out of Venezuela. This was done strategically given that Venezuela was the first country where our application launched.

Venezuela Reserve surveying on the streets

After witnessing the great work by our Venezuelan team, we thought “why don’t we do this in all the other countries we plan to ship our application?” Soon enough, we had a list of key countries we wanted to approach. A few days after that we posted job ads for Reserve Citizens across several sites. With our first hire happening a few days after that, we went from idea to execution in under a week!

Regional progress

Let’s quickly cover the progress we’ve made over the past two months.


The very first Reserve Citizen that we hired was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so it makes sense that our first milestone was achieved there. With the help of our Citizen, Luis, we organised an event in the Espacio Bitcoin coworking space with our CEO, Nevin Freeman. He gave a talk about the benefits of adopting Reserve Protocol in Argentina.

Eventbrite banner

The event had a great turnout and provided our team with valuable details about the current economic landscape. The presentation was especially relevant as it was held several days after the Argentine Peso crashed, which, although very unfortunate, increased the interest of the crowd in alternative financial solutions.

Nevin enjoying the crowd

Additionally, with Luis’ help, we launched our Reserve Sudamerica Telegram channel which hosts 100+ members. We are also publishing information about Reserve on select publications across Argentina and are looking to cooperate with South American tech influencers in the near future. In fact, we have an upcoming AMA so stay on the lookout for that!

Luis @ IOTA Argentina Meetup

We also got Charlie Smith featured on a South American Tech Podcast:


If we had to name one region that surprised us the most, it would have to be Turkey. Thanks to the help of our Turkish Reserve Citizen, Hasan, we attended the Eurasia Blockchain Summit that was held by Huobi. While attending the event and exploring the city, we were surprised by the amount of vendors accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin. We hope that next year we’ll get to see RSV accepted as a payment there as well!

Charlie Smith speaking at the Eurasia Blockchain Summit

We also have a thriving Reserve Turkey Telegram group with 600+ members. Hasan helped us publish content on several Turkish crypto websites and got us in touch with the Turkish exchanges that taught us about the region’s financial situation.


We are working with Xenofon, a fantastic and highly knowledgeable Citizen to ensure our operations in Athens. Xenofon attended PHX blockchain conference in Amsterdam and Greek Cryptocurrency Meetup events and shared what we’re building at Reserve Protocol. As a result, we received valuable networking opportunities and raised awareness in the Greek community.

Additionally, with Xenofon’s help, we managed to get RSV listed on Coinomi’s wallet. In the future we have a lot of exciting initiatives planned for Greece, including publications on some of the more influential news sites, local meetups, and engagements with regional incubators.


Nigeria is a great country to focus on given its demand for payment alternatives and its adoption of technology. We’re excited to have met Mathias, a Reserve Citizen who has been tremendously helpful in attracting new users, distributing articles to African PR sites, and connecting Reserve’s business development team with important leaders in the fintech/blockchain space.

Mathias also introduced us to the team at Yellow Card who have been kind to share their knowledge of the space. In fact, Yellow Card is the easiest and most convenient way to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in various countries across Africa.

Mathias and Charlie Meeting In Person (Nevin was there too 👀)


Mathias was also invited to A.A, Ethiopia to meet with a wide group of blockchain leaders. Present at the event was Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. The group discussed the future of Bitcoin and stablecoins across Africa.

He also traveled to Addis Ababa to meet key stakeholders like the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MoIT) to discuss the opportunities in stablecoins, cryptocurrency, and most importantly, Reserve. He also lectured at HiLCoE school of computer science, which is the #1 one computer science college in Ethiopia. In fact, HiLCoE was founded by cybersecurity expert Dr. Ahmed Hussien!


He will visit Nairobi, Kenya this weekend to meet crypto entrepreneurs like John Karanja who founded Bithub.Africa and was a former employee at BitPessa. Mathias will also be at KeshoLabs and Bitcoin Kenya to discuss further collaboration with Reserve.

Reserve Africa Twitter

Reserve Africa Facebook

Reserve Africa Telegram

Looking Forward

The bottom line is that there is always space to grow and expand. With such an incredible team so far, we’re confident we can get to the next stage.

Before the end of the year, we plan to finalize the second wave of Citizen hires. This will increase overall awareness about the program and enable us to tap into larger pools of knowledge that support our business and development teams.

Become a Reserve Citizen

If you read all of the information above and you think that you have what it takes to become a Reserve Citizen, head to this link and apply!

Looking for the latest news? Follow our website, Twitter, and blog for updates.

Reserve Currency

Reserve is a digital currency with stable, real-world value that helps scale prosperity by enabling everyone to protect and use their money globally.


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Reserve Currency

Reserve is a digital currency with stable, real-world value that helps scale prosperity by enabling everyone to protect and use their money globally.

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