Anything but dinner

On the weekends, I like to take advantage of eating out for every meal possible — not just dinner. For all those other dining occasions my go-tos are:

  • Humphrey Slocomb (for my favorite ice cream place — the secret breakfast is delicious (but not secret) and Jesus juice is great on a hot day)
  • Jane (for brunch in Pac Heights that I could eat daily — the egg white siracha sandwich and a green juice is my regular order — call ahead to skip the line)
  • Plow (for the best traditional brunch in SF — but you’ll wait forever — it’s popular and there are no reservations)
  • Dandelion Chocolate (for chocolate treats in every form — get the s’mores bite and the cacao fruit smoothie)
  • Bi-rite (for great sandwiches, deli food, and all the high-end groceries you could ever want — plus the most knowledgeable employees)
  • La Taqueria (for my vote of the best taqueria in San Francisco — it’s a contentious debate with many strong contenders)
  • Yank Sing (for my favorite dim sum — even though I know it’s expensive and Americanized)
  • Tartine (for the best sourdough, delicious cakes, filling sandwiches, and a bathroom near Dolores park)
  • Craftsman & Wolves (for perfectly pretty desserts that almost seem fake — and surprisingly good squash soup in the fall)
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