Low Key Meals

I’m definitely not a cheap date (just ask my boyfriend…). However, sometimes I end up having the most fun when I’m at a casual restaurant and not worried about the meal living up to high expectations. Here are a few of my favorite spots for a low key weeknight meal:

  • The Mill pizza nights (for pizza with an amazing crust and a salad on the side — only one option each night)
  • Nojo (for the best Ramen in SF — add the chicken leg and a spice bomb on the side — and skip ordering the small plates)
  • Pizzeria Delfina (for Mary’s roast chicken with a side of seasonal veggies — the pizzas are good, but the chicken is better)
  • Burma Superstar (for the always packed Burmese restaurant out on Clement that taught SF to love tea leaf salad)
  • Roam Burger (for my favorite veggie burger in town — it’s especially good with bacon on top and sweet potato fries on the side)
  • Souvla (for salads and soft serve that I eat multiple times a week — get the chicken salad with the lamb set up and the soft serve with olive oil and sea salt)
  • Tacolicious (for fancy tacos and pozole made with high quality ingredients — you might as well get a margarita and churros too)
  • Mau (for a big bowl of pho ga when you’re feeling under the weather — always get the hue rolls to start)
  • Mission Chinese (for salt cod fried rice, thrice cooked bacon, and other unauthentic but delicious Chinese influenced dishes by legend Danny Bowien)
  • Blue Barn (for salads that taste great but also make you feel healthy — or get a cheesy panini if you aren’t watching your waist)
  • Sweetgreen (for my favorite national chain — such great salads and delicious bowls)
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