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Reserve Adoption Update

Mercado Libre, 584264, Lodgecast #2, GitHub, Socials, Article!, Biconomy Listing, LodgeCast #3 — Gabo!! And more..

Happy Friday as ever! Let’s see what’s been happening in Reserve world.


Reserve has a deal with Mercado Libre to allow Venezuelans to pay using the App.

  • Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre

Well that was out of the blue! Or was it… mansi.eth suggested as much last week. Well let’s get into Mercado Libre shall we? I’ve just made a mad dash around the web…

For those of you with a bit of time, here’s a paypal wars style description of the history of Mercado Libre.

Ok — the standards — who, where, how big, why — and what impact will this have on Reserve?

Who / What?



How big is big?

Gotta love a good graph

That’s right — revenue of $4 Billion in 2020…

To put that into context, Ebay in 2020 revenue was $2.4 Billion. So Mercado Libre is much bigger than Ebay.


If we take a look at the Google Play numbers — it’s insane. Over 100 million downloads, over 14.5 million reviews and a 4.6 rating.

What sort of areas do they cover?

Mercado Libre marketplace: The platform provides a fully-automated, topically-arranged and user-friendly online trading service. It offers buyers a deep assortment of items that are often more expensive or otherwise hard to find through traditional offline sellers, with new products now representing about 98% of total listings. This service enables both businesses and individuals to list items and conduct their sales and purchases in the largest marketplace in Latin America.

So basically a marketplace which brings together buyers and sellers a la Alibaba, Ebay, Pinduoduo and Amazon marketplace.

How does this affect Reserve?

Well, Reserve app users can now be both buyers and sellers on the platform in Venezuela. Small start, but if this goes well I would expect it to roll out to the other countries Reserve is in. Obviously this will drive user adoption and also the transaction numbers. Exciting times.

If you want to do some more reading, the mercado libre website has it all..



We start off as normal, with engagement

Up only, ser

TikToks gone mad again — one of the videos got 500k views

When they go, they really go

There’s a great video on a clothes shop as well — London, England huh?

Will this compress down once published — at the moment it’s about 100ft tall.

Reviews still strong


This weeks number is… 584,264. Which is up on last week by 5942 — I believe there was a public holiday on Tuesday in Vz so that might have something to do with it.

We’re well on our way to 600,000 users though. How many by minnet?

The first Colombian event held at Mikong Burger — so the blueprint is being rolled out to other countries now.

Video of Hatis Grille.

There is also now a weekly crypto news video going through the main points :

At SunsetRoll, Reserve had a backdrop ad!

Pretty cool.

Remember this? Well there you go.


Can devs do something?

We got another 1% on the progress bar. I think this is not linear, by which I mean their progress is not limited to being 1% per week. I think they’ve been paving the way for some serious testing. Here are the commits this week.

So getting ready for making sure all numbers ‘fit’ and also the gas baselines (some of which are alterable via governance) — for those interested :

Let’s look at an interesting one… so about 17c on payout.

P1 down from 26.5

I’ll stick my neck out and say it’ll be 84% 2 weeks on Tuesday.

El Lodgecast #2

So we had Sinatra and Smeddy on last Sunday for a Q&A on RToken adoption, governance and a few other bits and bobs. Major bullet points are :

RTokens have 4 major forms of adoption in current thinking

  • Existing Reserve App users

Reserve will be holding their treasury in RTokens! There’s 100M right there ;-)

There is an additional member of staff solely employed to do biz dev for RTokens.

One theory being discussed for the decentralised basket of assets is to beat FIAT currencies, therefore being more stable than FIAT currencies. This would take the form of a number of anti-correlated assets, which means if the market leans one way, that there are counterpositioned assets both taking advantage of the lean and also losing to the lean, hopefully keeping the whole basket pretty stable.

This apparently is being backtested at the moment.

On governance, to be able to vote, proof of humanity is being investigated, as well as zero knowledge proof of voting, which would attempt to prevent bribing. If you can prove you voted but can’t prove who you voted for, then a briber can’t be certain you did the right thing for your bribe.

Reserve scaling

A great article by Smeddy (true to his word from the Lodgecast — to shed some light on the workings of different squads within Reserve) :

Tl;Dr? Na — read it! Although this did conjure up some interesting images…

El Lodgecast #3

Another one?! Yes — this time Gabo — COO of Reserve — we’ll be asking about the RPay side of things, which we don’t hear much about so we should get some great information from this one.


Ooh a listing — Canadian Exchange Biconomy have listed RSR.


RClub is picking up — it has it’s own notion site

Also a commonwealth site

A list!


Plenty spaces..

And that…. is pretty much it!

When life gives you an easy pitch — hit it



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