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Reserve Adoption Update

600,000, Rangers Day, Lodgecast #4, GitHub, Xi again AND MORE

Well, that’s been a week hasn’t it. SP500 dictating play and potentially more pain for a few weeks. And on that sunny outlook, here’s the weekly update.

  • El Lodgecast #4 — Josh Furnas

I’m going to just keep typing as we’re at the time of writing 599882 users!

El Lodgecast #4

Josh was kind enough to do a Twitter space last weekend and the recording is above — some notable points : app dev is now set up to be much quicker, app users are saving a lot more in the app (RToken use looking good), even though inflation is lower now in Venezuela, people are still using the app as much as when it was a lot worse, Colombia payments went from 45 minutes to about 6, 20% of new signups are from employers paying their employees in the app….

Rangers Day

So Rangers day happened! meetups in LATAM for Rangers to just hang out :


Hopefully the community spirit will continue to grow alongside RClub.


New month tickover

Reviews are very steady at 4.2 on average

Yes you can load the App from USDT!


BOOM! We do like our round numbers — 600,000 users. That’s 163.5K since new year. This week we saw an additional 9262, which is the highest weekly for 10 weeks.

Proof, if proof be need be

How many people is 600,000 — well a quick scour of the globe shows these cities have a population of around 600,000 :

  • Louisville, Kentucky

So that’s those entire cities using the Reserve App. Alternatively, the Isle of Wight festival in 1970 had about 600,000 people attend..

Wen Hendrix?!
That’s a lot of people

That’s a lot of people — and we’re not even in Mexico yet. I also think Colombia will grow now since the time to transact with the on/off ramps has been decimated. So much more to come, just the beginning.


Another percent knocked off — solid, steady progress I guess. What have they been up to this week? Mostly getting ready for gas savings, trading tests and maths — for dividing, looping and the like. For info, 17 weeks from today will be 1st week of September. We’ll likely have over 700,000 users by then — maybe $30 each saved — 21M potential RTokens.

Yeah — exactly what I would have done. Almost painfully obvious.
Hands up : ++i or i++?

Save that gas!

Busy week.

Xi / AOB

Well he’s at it again.

25,682,600 more RSR

Over 572M RSR — probably nothing.

Mansi is setting up the community socials and is going to have a youtube channel as well. Will keep an eye out on that one. In fact breaking news

Rclub spaces are starting

How could I forget? Nevin will be doing a Twitter space with Consensys — remember from a few weeks back they did a report on Reserve

Well now they’re following up..


Oops — edit — forgot the staking article from Smeddy — sorry!

Wen mainnet?

Well, thanks as ever — enjoy the weekend and raise a glass to the team for 600,000 happy users.



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