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Reserve Adoption Update 500,000

508,130, Socials, GitHub, Adoption, Peru again, Apostilles, Caption Competition… and so much more

Hoping for a free box of the honeycomb ambrosia.

Crunchies at the ready? 500,000 users? Then I’ll begin.


TikTok — but numba only go up?

Twitter and Insta are doing fine, but something has got stuck in TikTok land — not sure what.

Let’s have a look at how the App is doing on Android and iOS:


Still up there — good stuff, so we move on to reviews, which are still really good.

An extra 100 reviews
There has been an issue with Uphold itself — working on it.


Did I mention 500,000? Well it’s here, and in fact it was here on the 14th — how lovely (see what I did there). It’s a great milestone, so I thought I’d do a little investigation into startups and users (later).

Nice numbers

As of this morning we’re at 508130, which is 15,817 more than last week and 2259 a day.

You might notice a tiny increase in gradient this week. I’m trying to get hold of the historic weekly data so I can flesh this out a bit and include last years numbers -watch this space.

We’ll move on to merchants and then tackle Peru!

First off — Reserve via Smeddy-o produced NEWZ! 2 articles in 2 weeks — the keyboard is smoking — apparently more to come.

As you can see @RedRangerFive is pretty prolific at takeing videos, and the advertising of merchants taking Reserve is building — I’ve been doing this a while and I can notice the volume increase. I think we’re really starting to see the network effects taking hold.

Some random photos for you :

IT RR5 again!
Wot no Dash? No BTC? No Vippo?

The area of Choroni in Venezuela is nearly up to 100k followers and is having a giveaway of $100 to spend in the Reserve App!

Great advertising for Reserve as well, which brings me on to Pableysa Ostos — a journalist for El Nacional — with 109.9k followers…

She’s tweeting local merchants who accept Reserve :

So is Carlos Suniaga G. — 13.6k followers

I expect Guyana to be full of Reserve!! So far an adoption bumper spring special — spring special?

Spring Special — technically not spring — but I’m not a journalist so I have no ethics.

And there’s MORE!


Might as well give its own heading. Officially launched.

Telegram group gathering the first few members

A review!

Thank you Yarrdo! Is that a red VW Beetle? Yikes.

And of course people were using it immediately:

$90! Wow, we really want to see those new Tx numbers!

Reserve has made a couple of videos on how to change from Soles to Dollars and back :

Where is the App in Peru? It’s been moving up..

Currently 61st — a rise of about 110 places

Remember, Peru has the second most Venezuelan expats in South America after….. come on you all know it….. Colombia! Expect a lot of remittances back to Vz — lets just remind ourselves of the market again.

From an update

500k users saving $45 — lets say they put half of that into the RToken savings account — that’s 22.5M RTokens. It’s not a lot but the big hitters are just warming up. Meheeeeco.

App Rankings — up 21 in a day there..

Let’s also remember the beautiful vistas of Peru :

So that we can forget the dreadful vistas of Manchester — taken only yesterday.

A GLX if I’m not mistaken — vinyl roof an optional extra I think.

Wow — an adoption record. I’ll do the startup user analysis in AOB. Next up is GitHub..


What’s been going on in the coding world? Well we have 5 active branches, more testing scripts and even a draft of stRSR P1 (staked RSR = stRSR). I think I’m right in saying stRSR will not rebase but will rise, allowing a comparison between when you started staking and ‘now’ to determine your rewards as a %.

Claim rewards indeed.

So the team are hard at work creating more and more tests for the protocol and are moving forward at a rate. So far, still April. So we move on to..


I’ll do the analysis of startups first, then cover the random stuff afterwards. So, how hard / easy is it to get your first 500,000 users? I think we should fairly look at when the support was in place to measure the time, but I can see that takein March 2021 would be completely fair — so lets take that as the start. 11 months to get to 500k users, and a projection of were to continue this trajectory (I would argue that’s harsh) would be November for the Million, so 18 months in total.

Lets have a look first at some larger known names getting to 1M

A proper hockey stick — fingers crossed.

Now I know TikTok and the like got millions in a tiny amount of time, but these services I have listed require some background work. Moving to a new country for Reserve involves legal and banking agreements as well as liquidity provision, also knowledge of the local requirements for a finance App.

In all, I would say a very favourable comparison — I know the App landscape was different earlier on (not as many phone users / apps and interfaces not as powerful / easy and also obviously less internet speed), but CashApp took 3 years to get to 3 million users. I think Reserve will beat that.


Yes, those well known apostilles. Here’s Matt Gertler to fill us in:

Who’s that impressive character asking the question?

So Mexico is on hold because of them — WHAT ARE THEY?

Seems they are a witnessed real-life signature on a document required to do State business with Mexico (in this case). Each State has their own procedure obviously, and with COVID being around they are probably backlogged — see below some states take up to 20 days to process one.

Who knew?
Texas must be one, bordering Mexico an’ all (I seamlessly slip intercontinental lingo).

There’s ETHdenver going on, which is being attended by Smeddy-o and Sinatra from the Reserve side — they are obviously getting some high-brow information from other teams.

Yes, that Sqeeth team are doing baby shark on stage. Smh. Rule number #1 — NEVER let Devs in front of a live audience. EVER.

What else have we got? Giveaways as normal (and there will be a big one for the 500k celebration)

There is the 500k members club for 500 people who will receive up to 500RSV weekly!

I’ve put mine in in hope — I don’t have an account though :-(

For those that want a little relaxation and mind-calm, there was a live yoga session.

Bizarrely, to celebrate Valentines day, Reserve are holding a speed dating event. Bit left field that one.

And lastly (phew), I’ll trial a new feature :

Caption Competition

Rambling through the nest of vipers that is Twitter I came across this and thought — why not get some engagement? What’s the worst that can happen? Web3.0 Tumbleweed — that’s what. Anyway — feel free to comment on your ‘hilarious’ caption to the following picture. Winner will get a virtual Crunchie — named next Friday. Twitter or Medium comments are fine.

You can’t park that here.

And with that, I thank you for reading as ever and wish you a happy and healthy week ahead.



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