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Reserve Adoption Update

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Happy Friday everyone! Were you an LP on Uniswap? Never mind.

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Numba go up

Ratings up 200 odd — the ratio is about 1:62 but…

I can stop guessing the review to users ratio now as the app tells you how many people there are using it (thanks to Cryptovester for the app screenshots)

So that it 11652 more from Saturday last week. For those who haven’t already done it in their heads, that’s 1942 per day, which would put us on a trajectory to get 500,000 by 12th Feb. Don’t put the order in for the surprise balloons yet, lets see…

Literally the speed of light…it takes 8 minutes to buy the sun.

Contract Upgrade

Wut — mainnet? No — hold on.

New contract address is now live. Why did there need to be a new contract — we’ll get into the details in the next section, but it was to change the unlock logic. It’s all gone live now and there hasn’t been a tsunami of pain so I think we’re good. You were only at risk if you were staking on a DEX — and even then funds are SAFU — get in touch with the team on Twitter or Telegram.

Token Unlock

Muh why team dunp on us? Good question — albeit poorly phrased. There were 2 choices given to initial investors and team members for the unlock rules around their locked RSR.

For those who like a read, there’s a medium article here :

Written by Sinatra.

Otherwise :

Carrot vs Watermelon

In addition to this, Option 1 will continue to sell @3% of volume until all sell orders are complete, so this extends to any time limit, even past mainnet launch. This means there is a guaranteed maximum volume of selling per day.

I should clarify :- those who chose option 1 did NOT do so to be able to sell everything. They chose option 1 to show the community that they care about the feeling of fear of unlocking AND selling (there will be very few selling anything).

This all kicks off at the end of Jan, so you will be able to see for yourselves.

Those in option 2 basically said they’re holding for a long time anyway.

I think once a few weeks are out of the way, people will see what’s going on and it will mean a much more positive view of mainnet i.e. no token ‘dunp’. Reality rarely figures in crypto, so one less narrative of uncertainty is goodly.


Adoption + Videos

Loads here — so let’s get into it.

Gotta shoutout to Dr Antunez

Thanks to @pagaconreserve for these

Great stuff — this tweet asking for favourite stores accepting Reserve also good.

And now people are encouraged to make their own videos


Josh furnace did a video! New features on the payment choice screen, making things easier and also grouping by country — for FUTURE use.

Nice lengthy in-depth review of Reserve here:

Same old 3x weekly winners

President Xi still isn’t finished buying…

10.9 million this time. Probably nothing.

And finally.. I thought I’d have a quick check on some ’real world’ (as opposed to which world exactly?) staking rewards.. all from

That looks sustainable.

Seriously though..

Serious amounts staked here (second column from right)

And similarly here

So, a variable rate of return for RSR stakers, which depends on the number of RSR staked could have a decent takeup, even at lower levels. I think sometimes crypto sees everything in terms of hundreds of percent everything, when there are a lot of people using crypto as a decent, safe form of continuous revenue. If you can’t be bothered to keep on top of projects and just want income plus a potential rise in the value of the token — there is a market.



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