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Reserve Adoption Update

547,091, Kucoin payments, AUDIT SCOOP!, New Twitter Spaces with Nevin, GitHub, Socials

Happy Friday everyone — any hangovers from St Patricks Day?

Waiting on the App users as I type — will we get it before deadline?

  • Audit Scoop
  • Socials
  • Kucoin payments
  • Adoption
  • GitHub
  • Twitter Spaces with Nevin
  • AOB + Xi wallet position

Audit Scoop

News just in! Worried about whether the booked audit end of March is an issue? WORRY NO MORE. This is hot off the presses from Nevin

We have solved that problem by booking many audits now, as well as retaining a top firm on an ongoing basis with monthly payments in exchange for auditing services on demand, just in case. So I’m happy to report that the audit window is no longer as much of a concern, and the overall pace pretty much just depends on our own execution speed.

Get in on the Lodge table DAO


Interestingly, this time last year after the App opened to all Venezuelans, Reserve was 5th in the rankings :

And where is it today? 6th — which means even though it has been open for quite a few months now, still popular.

Down 1 place in a year :-(

Modest rise in socials this week. Reviews still strong.

Kucoin Payments

Out of the blue, Kucoin wallet now accepts Reserve as a form of payment

And so it begins…

This is unexpected — but also means that it’s not a giant leap to exchanges accepting RSV, or RTokens in general. More on that later.


Todays new number is 547,091, which is 9003 new users this week.

So by end of April we should be looking at 600k users


Sunset Roll, a music festival on the beach is accepting Reserve as payment :

Pretty big event

Red Ranger Five still creating new videos.


Well, every little helps.. we have moved from 71% complete to 73%

Here’s the list of pull requests

This is actually a record week on commits that we can see from the GitHub pulse

For those interested, here’s the remaining tasks

Twitter Spaces with Nevin

The Lodge did a Q&A with Nevin on Monday, which you can find here :

Ooer! Few takeaways from the discussion :

  • RSV could be a 100% rewards to stakers stablecoin for the app as it would be more censorship resistant than RSV supplied by Reserve.
  • An inherent property of RTokens once Reserve is run by a DAO is that they should not be seen by the US as a security, which means centralised exchanges would be able to list them. This could pave the way for RTokens to become mass market stablecoins with yield. Origin Dollar etc are centralised, and so have struggled to be mass adopted.
  • RToken/RSV adoption through fintech wallets — there is already interest in this from a company
  • The app might end up open source with a potential fork to P2P to make it more censorship resistant
  • Nevina can’t be a DAO

Thanks once again to Nevin for the time.


Giveaways, as Keith Lemon would say are “Standard”.

RClub — I’ve been doing a bit more digging and it’s for high contributors to Reserve… some tweets

I’m guessing some sort of reward for being in the top 50 and spreading the message of Reserve.

Gabo has kicked off an idea for garment design

Update! Forgot the Xi wallet

No activity of late — happy with his bag…

Thanks for reading! Until next time…

No caption competition — I know when I’m beat!



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