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Reserve Adoption Update

679,171 users, Fireside chat, Audits, Devcon, Xi… and more!

Happy Friday again everyone! Well — quite the week. I’ll put that at the end and get on with Reserve stuff first, which has a distinct feel of ‘we’re gearing up to go public’ about it.

  • Memory lane

Memory lane

It was a big one a year back — 70k users onboarded

So it can happen…

And also something about a game

Too shilly in the end

The support software had been finessed and they had the support resource — and now they let the floodgates open. Nowadays of course 5k new users a week are handled by the current staff, so there must be a fair amount of room for let’s say ‘new areas’ to grow quickly. I do suspect that if they do open in new ‘areas’ then there might need to be some form of invitations. New users probably take up the most support time. I wonder what that support : users ratio is now..

I think the Axie program fizzled out — SLP is now at $0.003 from 13c, which probably isn’t much of an incentive. *note to game makers — you need an insured stablecoin with yield to continue with growth otherwise you will go the way of all speculative tokens.

Fireside Chat

I think I’d be having words Soham…

Last Friday, Nevin, Thomas and newer hire in BD Soham Mishra went through the 3 pillars, or phases of the BD roadmap (business development), outlined here :

Reserve Weekly has kindly recorded and uploaded the chat :

Topics are timestamped as well

Couple of interesting points — Starbucks has a float of a billion dollars in it’s card program and RTokens very probably won’t be seen as securities so will be available on CEXs — backed up by Matt Gertler

Definitely worth a listen as Reserve start to think ahead to RToken adoption. MalloCoin? Limited edition of 50. Who knows?

ETH Events / Devcon

Reserve are getting out there now.. LATAM has a load of ETH events and they will be attended by some of the team — Peru for example

That’s TODAY!

Thomas will be at Berkeley September 6th

And the big one — Devcon Bogota side event — 10th October

Mass attendance — by jet?

Audits / GitHub

I’ll put audits in with GitHub as we’re going to be tracking these in the next few weeks. We’ve already had Trail of Bits full audit and there are 4 ongoing audits — one of which has now completed!

More on that sprint later

Leaving 3 active audits and a final one after code freeze. These are the main drivers behind the mainnet dashboard progression.

Lets have a quick peek at this weeks commits

Ackee? Apple type fruit? Silly.

Ackee changes — is that some bizarre eth / solidity phrase? Not this time…

Ah — fruit based audits.

White hats eh? Certainly 6 audits really should provide a substantial level of trust. Has any major project had more? write to : Jeremy Clarkson,

Just for completeness :


We can also see that it’s again : testing, testing, testing. And after the testing, the documentation!

Even the major task breakdown is basically testing and documentation — getting excited yet? Give it 3–4 weeks I reckon and we’ll be about there.

On documentation :

What are off-chain keepers I hear you ask?

You can find out a lot on Discord

I managed to get the progress to 100% out of Smeddy!



Are we seeing social saturation with the current countries? Looks that way on Twitter and TikTok — with ‘the gram’ still growing. Good job there’s LATAM expansion underway!


Still invites only so only another 1000ish users this week.

Will this be the calm before the hockey stick?

We wait for the ‘expansion’ announcement. I don’t even know what is planned for the App upgrade but it must be pretty major to prevent new users for weeks. Maybe it’s backend stuff — APIs and the like. More news when we get it. And on a slightly adoption note, a user managed to open a shop :

AOB / Xi

I hadn’t been paying attention to the Xi wallet and he’s been a sneaky one

Definitely on track for the distribution of 1 commemorative RSR to each Chinese citizen on mainnet. Hmm, better check the maths there — maybe one RSR for each household.

Fun fact! Belgium has the worlds highest urban density population at 98.3%!

Mansi is on an American adventure..

Remember the Swag grants? Well the first lot is full!


Do you have a massive brain? If so, apply to :

Reserve is creeping up the CVX leaderboard — adding to the potential boost for Curve deposits

Up one from 10 in this weeks list, pop-pickers.

Rangers Day is on it’s way again

And last but not least a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who reads this and everyone who follows me on Twitter I made it to 1000 followers 🙌

What is it with humans and their powers of 10 — it’s an odd one, but I shall continue the challenge of Reserve updates. I’ll publish all these a la Eric M. Jackson and make… waste paper.



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