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Reserve Adoption Update

Tuesdays will never be the same again

Welcome! It’s time to take a look around the Reserve biosphere and see what’s been happening — quite a lot as we’ll find out.

We’ll take a look at the following areas :

  • App tracking
  • Support
  • #RangersDay
  • Social media
  • Other areas Reserve related
  • Hidden track [90]*

App Tracking


As you can see, the App is up to number 4 in the banking apps in Vz as invites go out and interest is once again sparked — harking back to the golden days of Marzo. There are still A LOT of people who want in and need an invitation, which leads to the reviews…

Ceci n’est pas une critique
It’s the hope that kills ya

There are a lot of 1* reviews from frustrated ‘waiting listers’, which is bringing the overall score down

But still over 4 — so doing ok

Still 2.7k reviews is a decent amount and 300 up from last week, which if the standard 5% figure is taken means potentially 6k new users — and I suspect more could be handled, so we might see some serious numbers in the next few weeks.

Many more positive reviews than bad though


More hours? Yes!

Wen dog collar merch!
New timetable!

This might seem a bit odd — why would people want to be transacting at midnight? Surely they should be in bed! Well, there are a huge number of self-employed who use Reserve as a method of payment and they don’t work standard hours, plus you’ve got shift workers and call workers, so this is pretty important. It’s part of the commitment to get to 24/7 support. Imagine knowing that you can quickly and easily combat hyperinflation no matter what time. This will also be valuable when transactions across timezones come into play. Needless to say it’s been welcomed with open arms.

Also good to see positive feedback for the support team

It’s so easy to sign up, you can do it while drunk!

The team also gave out a full daily schedule for the first time :

Spaces is the Twitter Spaces

Still also creating content for people to help themselves in the app — here about reporting money not received..

Also still introducing different ways to fight hyperinflation


What’s all this then? It’s the new ‘Tuesday’ — Monday got confirmed some time ago I think, but Tuesdays are now definitely confirmed with bells on.

#RangersDay — for the google spiders

I also think that this is a great way to stop people selling invites — the focus is on positivity in the community rather than big brother ‘double plus ungood’ attitude.

Before issuing all these invitations, the team put out an instructional video on how to send them from the app

I don’t know how many invitations went out on Tuesday, but I think it was a lot — some people got 10 to give out.

Wow — 10!

This has led to Rangers helping each other out

And within 10 minutes…

There is also a telegram channel where people can ask for invites. No doubt whatsapp as well.

Just how popular is this new #RangersDay? Seeing as it’s just been invented then surely it’s just a provincial inter-Reserve meme? NO! This is trending hashtags in Venezuela :

So up there with the Euros and Italy having just won a game. Wow! This should give us a barometer of just how Reserve is becoming known. It’s coming home, it’s coming home.. sorry UK only there. Looking forward to next #RangersDay

Social Media

Steady as she goes

TikToks moon has slowed back to ‘normal’, but is still getting huge views

63k and 96k views respectively for a couple of ‘tiktoks’(?). Twitter and Insta continue to gain followers, and I think we’ll see a bit more activity there in the next few weeks.

Other areas Reserve related

What have we got in the pick’n’mix department?

Virtual Office and Mental Health initiatives still going strong

Merchandise is still being bought

And there’s a new store out there! @RsrErnie has a new one so check it out.

Another article in El Pitazo, this time on the extended opening hours

More merchants are being onboarded


CineMestizo also alludes to having more than a few invitations..

Another positive feedback loop — give businesses invitations, which brings in Reserve users, which boosts turnover, which makes more businesses want to receive Reserve.

In the South American telegram group, there are 18 — yes 18 people available to help create health sector Reserve accounts.

As I mentioned in a previous edition, the idea is to get a community of people to help out — in this case health sector, but this will expand, which will allow a huge amount of businesses to sign up.

@vortexics82 has kindly done a video in English using the app :

Hidden Track [90]

My most obscure reference to date — refers to the second coming by the Stone Roses. In the olden days after tapes, CDs were all the rage, and this one had 78 blank tracks between the ‘last’ song and the hidden one. It wasn’t worth the wait.

Only for the hardliners

You mean I got this for for THAT?

Oh, go on then, you’ve twisted my arm.

LocalBitcoin — heard of them? It’s a very popular way of making microtransactions and they are everywhere, especially China. You could say that it’s a bit of a benchmark, so let’s have a look at LocalBitcoin transactions in Venezuela. I’m only doing this because it was highlighted by @alexxslay in telegram ( on Reddit), but thought it gives some perspective

7,682,991,336,057 Bolivars last week traded in LocalBitcoins

So that’s in a week — and as we know, Nevin tweeted we’ve hit our first $3M DAY

I’m going to do some more analysis of that in another article.

Who knows, maybe after interest gets out we’ll see some interesting partnerships — maybe some of these…

I’m only speculating — I know nothing.



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