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Half A Million, Vicuñas, Socials, 468,237 Users ++++

Peru and 500,000 downloads
I made this

Happy Friday! I have a crunchie saved for after this.

  • Android downloads
  • New country?
  • Socials / Adoption
  • AOB

500,000 Android downloads

As if you hadn’t already noticed, the App has now been downloaded 500,000 times — as some wise Sage posted earlier this week — BTC has 40M unique wallets and it took until August 2016 to get to half a million. We do love our decimal round numbers, but we’ve been on 100K+ for a while now — reviews still positive, so the scaling done and the early decision to swap out the support platform has obviously paid off — unreservedly*. Fantastic news and again congratulations to the team for their hard work behind the scenes (which they are not allowed to shill due to SEC worries — BUT I CAN). 1 million by EOY? Who knows..

And why not?


Yes, Peru! New country! Not officially announced but the breadcrumb trail is too obvious…

Is this a surprise?

From September 2021

For those who keep, collect, categorise and synopsise these posts, the eagle eyed among you will have noticed this from September 11th 2021. So there you go.

I think it’s safe to say the Reserve App will be available in Peru pretty soon. Ok, so Peru — not particularly high inflation? Much like the rest of the world, inflation has risen, currently at 6.4%. South American, Spanish speaking, so no translation needed, but why Peru? Well, there are nearly 33M inhabitants, which makes it 3rd most populous country in South America after Brazil and…. Colombia! (surprise!). Also, more importantly, it has the second most displaced Venezuelans after…. Colombia! (Surprise!).

Source: The internet — oh OK
Source: Created by the author with data from R4V 2020 report, the R4V website, R4V platform data, and Human Rights Watch for updated information on Venezuelans with pending asylum claims in the United States. The number of Venezuelans in Colombia is as of September 2020 (USAID 2020b).

Now there are over 1 million Venezuelans living in Peru, so remittances are obviously the target here. But how much are we talking? Cue handy chart number 2.

Older numbers but hey.

As you can see, Colombia has 2M Venezuelans and Peru second (older numbers) but those half a million households receiving $650 per year is around $352,500,000. Reserve won’t get the whole market, but factor that in to RTokens. Well while we’re at it why not think big? In remittances alone to Venezuela the annual market is $3.5Bn — it will have grown since.

Well, why not. There’s no such thing as too much Peru. Plus vicuñas. That’s not a vista of Luton for those who may have thought so.
This is a vista of Luton

But I digress.

Socials / Adoption

Bundling? Yep. Tangent number 2 — read here if you like link. Both Socials and adoption in 1 section. Audacious.

Yes, in yet another feat of rounded decimals, Reserve Twitter has broken through 60,000 followers! Insta been on a tear for a couple of months as well. For those who like their gainz in cryptopercent, that’s a 480% gain on Twitter followers in a year.


Reviews still high and more of them

This is good.
PayPal? Are they in Beta?

The App is still obviously being downloaded pretty frequently — but we don’t need to guess anymore and *YES* we have a new chart.

Thanks Cryptovester

Ok so I’ve fudged it a bit, but 3 weeks of data was not great. I took the 290k figure from September last year and just plugged in an average between then and now (8617 thanks for asking). So up 11067 users on last week, or 1581 a day. As I get more data I’ll reduce the average stuff.

All good stuff — last week Josh Furnace gave us a demo of the printable media from the app — so here we are

And very exciting — Mr Sugars takes Reserve!



Looks like I’ve run out of runway. I’ve gone big on adoption and Peru. Let’s take a trip down memory lane then, when someone asked Nevin in May 2020 about algorithmic stablecoins…

Interesting stuff…

Here’s the thread

Aave have brought out a testnet on L2s :

One of the 2 lending protocols which supplies the rewards for the Rtoken.

Could mean super cheap rewards claiming…

*See what I did there.

*Admission* I have eaten the crunchie.

Thanks for reading — see you next week.



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