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Reserve Adoption Update

Media Campaign, 24/7 Support and more…

Are you ready? Reserve are ready, well nearly.

This week we’ll divide it up like this :

  • App Tracking

This might be a bit premature, but I’d like to muse for a minute on Nevins pinned tweet :

Written 12 and a half months ago — and now we are at the business end of that plan, or at least the build up to mainnet. There have been obstacles, but they have been acknowledged and overcome. I’m sure there will be a fair few more, but I fully expect those to be dealt with in the measured, professional way as the rest. What was happening in the world of Reserve back then? A few points :

  • Coinbase announced RSR was in consideration for listing [skeleton in waiting room gif]

Anyway, on to the business of adoption!

App Tracking

Up one! Yet down one!

Hovering around the 7–8th mark. Not that bothered — September is approaching.


The average reviews are dropping slightly, which is a cause for slight concern. It’s not helped by consistent 1 star review from people who don’t have an invite. There are occasional reviews with transaction issues but these are few. We can see that another 200 reviews have come in since last week, which would suggest another 4000 users. Again to postulate on total users, roughly 66,000. Who knows.

A smorgasbord of reviews. Virtual card you say…

We (ok well maybe not the royal ‘we’) caught a Venezuelan and got him to give a review of the app as his English was really good.

Social Media

Mid-month looking good

TikTok has slowed somewhat but good uptake on twitter and insta. I think the record is still this tiktok

Onesy point six million message?


Well, only 19 days after weekend support, Reserve have announced 24/7 support! An immense achievement and hats off to the team for what must have been a huge amount of organisation and effort.


Without wishing to state the bleedin obvious, App users can now transact in and out of the App at any time, day or night. Should see the transactions rise a bit.

Invitations are still going out all over the place, mostly in the Telegram channel, which now has nearly 22.5k members.

Twitter thread designated for invites
As soon as they appear, they’re snapped up

Also, as we have spies everywhere, some more info about support has come out. Zach in the Lodge relayed some info from his zoom call for 7th September (more later).

Transaction times are down from a few minutes to a few seconds — wow. We’ll go with a 120x improvement, which is of a magnitude similar to Gutenbergs’ printing press vs scribing.

Transaction volumes are now around 20,000 per day — up from the 9000 Nevin stated in a video in June. Over a 2x in 2 months. And now we have 24/7. This is apparently more than any other cryptocurrency in Venezuela. I’ll let that sink in a while. BTC are you watching?

To add to the support process, compliance is also ramping up and becoming more efficient. Matt Gertler let us know in his weekly AMA (Telegram Thursdays 6pm GMT I think) that they will have an automation KYC at the end of the month and 9 new compliance officers are starting.

Now there will be more than 20 compliance officers!

So the overall support is so much more robust since Marzo. We also found out that there are 50,000 people on the waiting list — and — wait for it — THEY ARE ALL GOING TO BE LET IN THIS MONTH. Thanks @flamingo_Mafia

so much whitespace — not my fault gov.

Great news for all those who want to fight Hyperinflation.

Wow — ok and the hits keep comin’

7th September

As we know, this is when the App will open until the end of the month and also Reserve hope to deliver a petition to the UN that access to a stable currency should be a human right. To go about this, zoom meetings are being organised to get the process out there — have you booked yours?

I’m in on the 17th August.

Also James Glasscock is organising an event in California

Anyone in LA out there?

James is connected to Reserve of course!

Looking forward to it!


Well we were promised mid-August but it started early..

First up, Infobae, a leading Argentinian news portal. Someone’s got a good address book.

Chrome will translate for you if your Spanish is a bit rusty like mine.

Next up, Ambito, which is an economic and politics focused newspaper.

Lets have a look at a couple of key parts as there’s more newz packed in.

Not Rappi per-se but like Rappi

So we know they are planning to enable RSV to be used as payment in other apps — Rappi by the way is the Meituan of LATAM. That would be game over.

When life serves you lemons, make an app

Sam Altman has been obviously doing some introductions as we now learn Reserve invested in Lemon Cash, which has a dual wallet and interestingly a prepaid Visa card… do you remember the review further up? Again, this is a massive feature and will really open up transactions and peoples ability to pay via Reserve. This is big. But not as big as….

You never told me you were talking to THEM

Woah! Well I guess watch this space.

There’s also going to be a telecast including Reserve on 17th August on Bloomberg Linea

We’re only 3 articles in… there are more but they can’t reveal them.


I’ll keep it short this week.


There’s a dApp underway..

Remember our boy from the bakery? (Braden won’t ;-))

Reserve has a Twitch account (it’s modern)

Not only but also….

More buying…

Wow — hope you enjoyed finding out about all that — there’s so much going on it’s starting to warm up nicely. The next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy.

For the cover



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