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Reserve Adoption Update

And some sneaky metrics

Yes — 1.6M more on this later

We arrive in June with the wind in our sails and invites about to ‘go viral’.

Let’s just dive in then…

App tracking

I haven’t been reporting on this recently as it’s been a closed shop while Intercom got switched in, but seems a good time to keep a check on things again. Here’s the App ranking in Venezuela, so we’re at 25th now from the heady heights of #1. But unlike Willow from Taylor Swift, we’re expecting great things from here.

I can see a cup and handle forming..
Still in the game though…

Reviews have still remained very positive — a LOT of the one star reviews are from people who couldn’t get in.

Lets see what the benchmark is… it’s Moon+ Reader Pro (absolutely not intended!)

I PROMISE I didn’t know this until 1 minute ago

So we’re in good company. I think we’ll see a lot more 5* reviews now the helpdesk software has been swapped. Initial feedback has been really positive.

Holareserve initiatives

The weekly $10 prizes continue, as well as instructive videos on other methods of avoiding hyperinflation.

Mental health is still a focus as South America still struggles with COVID19


Each App user will get 2 invites for their friends and family to join the app. This should start in mid-June — which means potentially tripling the existing user base. Because the helpdesk software includes an element of self-service this means that 15000:1 goal of support to users must be doing well. This method also allows control of scaling to keep the service levels high. I expect we will pass 100k users within a month or so.

Social Media

Wow. Something happened — I’m not sure what but TikTok went on a bull run

Do not adjust your scale!
Why not!

TikTok followers just jumped dramatically in the last week — to over 100k! One post in particular (the one at the top) had over 1.5M views. This is what can happen in this web3.0 digital age where distribution is infinite. Expect similar when Reserve bites and gets traction. I’ve also seen decent increases in Twitter and Insta (get me — I’m down with the kids) now that things are waking up again.

General sentiment

I thought I’d include a look around the online sentiment — people wanting in and their reasons and general feedback. Also, the Ranger community are helping others find Reserve and answering questions. I’ll just post a bunch.

Written tutorial
TikTok tutorial — of course.
Losing money every week!
You just know this is going to explode
“Do you accept Reserve as payment? Of course!” The flywheel is starting to spin — imagine 150,000 people asking this everywhere
After a chat on Twitter with a Reserve user
The tide is turning — no more chat cutoffs
Thank you intercom
Standard (one for Keith Lemon ‘froo keyall fans there)
AKB Fintech helping people get their US account in order before getting into the app
Someone gets it…
Excellent — tell me more. Largest waiting list of all time is now.


Well, there was a video presentation — did you see it? Nevin said that over $1M in transaction volume and 9000 transactions were going through the App every day. That’s a lot. To put it into context with a ‘real-world’ example (I know fintech isn’t the same but anyway) Canyon Bicycles, a German brand had a turnover of about EUR400M last year

I shall be posting something about this under separate cover.


Congratulations for getting this far — Eric M Jackson — of Paypal Wars fame gave us a mention :

On message
Elon with the gun there….



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