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Reserve Adoption Update

App fully open, Socials, Reddit AMA — Mexico?, more AXIES, NFTs(?!)…

Well the dust is settling after an AMA and the protocol update discussions. I’m looking into some price analysis based on the staking model, so I’ll post that in a few days.

Meanwhile, a week of the App being free to download and use without invitation.

  • App tracking

App Tracking

Still really high ratings

Ratings are still really good, and up another 200 from last week. Now that we know there are 100,000 weekly users then it’s around a 23x ratio per review, so we can say at least 4650 new users based on that — I suspect a lot more though. As ever with these things we will have to wait for some official numbers, which I suspect might come out in October to update us on progress through September. ‘More transparency’ to paraphrase Nevin ;-)

This at least means the volumes are being coped with by the support and compliance teams. I didn’t get a chance to ask Matt Gertler last night but I assume the KYC automation is either in place or very near. One star reviews seem to be phone related or stuck/cancelled transfers.

Social Media

Moving along nicely

Socials are still growing — most support is done through the app, so there are a lot less people asking for invites and also asking for help on social media. Telegram channel continues to grow to over 30.5k members. TikToks still get plenty views.

From contemplative to salting a baguette — the range.


I wanted to do a section on the support team. Reserve has always said they want a highly attentive support team, who deal with issues in a humble and efficient way. Obviously the reviews back this up, but there are many examples where people are genuinely impressed, so I thought I would highlight this sometimes unforgiving environment and give a covid-safe virtual high five to the team.

From telegram

Unsolicited thanks from a user who made a mistake and got a resolution within a day.

jjmilano — support team
Marketing? Don’t start that one — I think support might be the better translation -Twitter!

Holareserve support being called out especially by people — and there’s more.

Book = Reserve -again with the translation @jack — please help ser.

Only Holareserve solve everything so quickly and diligently.


Small section here on people joining and a partnership!


Why is the Partick Thistle mascot in Venezuela I head you ask? IDK. But he’s getting paid in RSV and should surely want a savings account.

No invitations!

And what better way to pay for a shawarma than to get your local takeaway to sign up immediately?

That’ll be Forrest Gump then

It takes about a week to get your App limits upgraded as you have to do more KYC, so as more people get accounts, then there is a lag between them trading small amounts up to larger limits, but we’ll probably see by mid-October volumes significantly increased. As Nevin said, consumer is growing 50% month on month.

Payroll also picking up


Few things to get through here, so we’ll start with the UN petition

Bloomberg Linea did an article on the campaign — interesting snippet from there…

Q1 2022 — Mexico mooted

Mexico has a remittance market of $3 Billion a month. I wonder how much they’re paying to do those transfers? According to the World Bank, just over 4% — there’s a market then…

Some slight enhancements to the App — transaction history is now available

Giveaways still happening


Here’s the thread on Reddit

I was expecting a graphic not a novel…

Here are the answers given by each of the team…

Nevin outlined a staking scenario

Wen staking

Gabo hinted at iOS App

Wen iPhone

Taylor, erm, explained Terra

Wen not Terra

And others, so check it out if you haven’t already.


Remember the clamour for 5 scholarships in Venezuela — we’ll now there is a similar scheme in Argentina

I imagine they’ll get another 10k applications.

Diamond Atlas produced a guide on the protocol changes

The Motley Fool put out an article

There’s another interview (today!) regarding democracy and technology


It seems they’re everywhere —

Wen team NFTs?

Anyone near Venice Beach next week?

Kidney Transplant Operation

The Hernandez family have been helped by generous Rangers helping them pay for drugs and a kidney transplant. This is now scheduled for November 15th this year (before mainnet? — imagine the FUD — a human can get a new kidney before minnet launches) so they have asked for our help again — give generously!



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