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Reserve Adoption Update

Tuesdays are confirmed

Welcome to another roundup of the adoption for the Reserve App — what do we have lined up?

  • App tracking
  • Support
  • #RangersDay
  • Social media
  • Other areas Reserve related
  • Stablecoins

App Tracking

Ooh — so close….


Up to number 2 in finance apps in Venezuela! Back to the golden days of Marzo. BDVdigital (large banking app) will be a tough nut to crack as it’s #1 in all apps in Venezuela, whereas Reserve is only 16 — above Netflix! Woohoo.

Coming for you Disney+

I mean, for an app that’s still in closed Beta to be in touching distance of Disney — credit to the team for that. Product market fit? I think that box is ticked.

If you’re feeling more bullish, then a different app tracker doesn’t count national govt apps and so…

Boom! Leapfrogged Valiu. No new logo required.

Reviews? Same story — disgruntled people with no invite and happy Rangers.

Airdrops? Someone’s been on the sugar again.


The team continue to add video resource for self-help and obviously the extended hours are still a hit. 27/7 is promised soon.

Still helping Rangers out.

What could this cryptic message mean?

August is planned for MaRkEtInG…


It’s a thing. Last Tuesday many many invitations were sent out… and Rangers helped out Rangers.

Something to do with rapping

You’ve seen them haven’t you? The rappers — on the top of the pops, they run along the handrail where the steps go down near the shopping centre. WTF?

Seriously though, 99 new retailers — wow — that’s going to seriously increase the transaction numbers.

And there’s more
That resolved quickly!

Rangers have worked out that if they invite businesses, it helps them more because then they can buy stuff with RSV.

They’re not selling these any more — don’t believe the reviews
And the story goes on and on..
This sums it up.

Social Media

Decent numbers

We’re halfway into July and we can see that Twitter and Insta have picked up — invitations have raised awareness again and interest is growing.

I found that Reserve was #33 in trending hashtags in Vz as well

Not bad..

This TikTok is still growing.

Other areas Reserve related

Reserve had a chat with 2 illustrators about being an artist in Vz

And they were due to do another Twitter spaces for mental health but bandwidth let them down.

The giveaways are now on Tuesdays

And now a couple of real-world examples of Reserve in practice

I’m not quite seeing the Lightning network logo…
Dash? Lol. Still no white B in an orange ball — meow.


Someone called Jerome Powell said muhbags to crypto

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday challenged the need for cryptocurrencies if it were to issue its own central bank digital currency.

“You wouldn’t need stablecoins, you wouldn’t need cryptocurrencies, if you had a digital US currency,” the Fed chief said. “I think that’s one of the stronger arguments in its favor.”

Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency pegged to an asset such as a fiat currency or a precious metal.

“We have a tradition in this country where the public’s money is held in what is supposed to be a very safe asset,” Powell said. “That doesn’t exist for stablecoins, and if they’re going to be a significant part of the payments universe…then we need an appropriate framework, which frankly we don’t have.”

Well he would say that wouldn’t he. Someone had a view on it.

Hold my beer BRB

I usually leave a ‘not only but also’.. so here it is.

From the official TG — please next week!



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