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Reserve Adoption Update

Cryptofest, Emin Gün Sirer, 8000+ Merchants AND MORE…

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, it’s late and I would never make a journalist but I’ve been out and about IRL working — pulled some extra shifts at maccy dees.

  • App / Socials
  • Interviews / videos
  • Adoption
  • Mainnet VØ
  • AOB

Well it’s been a busy week for Reserve, plenty of content and some cool insights. Let’s go.

App / Socials

As Keith Lemon would say in ‘froo keyole of a Bhudda statue in someone’s house (UK niche comment there) — standard.

Yes, 1.1M
Wen Peru! Wen iOS!

As I said I’ve been away a bit this week so I’m a bit surprised at the slightly low numbers in the socials — maybe it’s a Halloween thing. Things are getting a bit cramped at the bottom so I might revamp that next week.

Interviews / Videos

Ok, we’ve got some great interviews and videos. First up is Nevin being interviewed at Crypto Fest where he explains Reserve but also gives us some insight into the sanctions by the US to Venezuela and also a great presentation of the Reserve exchange interface where transactions are shown happening in real time. They had to build a 2 way exchange, so not just one party buying and selling, but 2 parties meeting each other to trade. I have it on good authority that they are developing a fairer system for this exchange for the liquidity providers. Fuzzy screenshot obligatory :

Next we have Sinatra interviewing Emin Gün Sirer, founder and CEO of AVA Labs (of Avalanche fame) discussing crypto as money. Some great discussion on BTC and other stablecoins as currency — he’s not over-bullish!

He has been around in crypto for a very long time and is incredibly knowledgeable so well worth a listen.

Third, Sinatra (again — he’s a content machine ;-)) has done an intro into Reserve’s revamp — one of a series.


Wow — 8000+ merchants!

The last time we had stats, it was 7000 merchants, so that is an additional 1000 merchants in 2 weeks. Really great merchant adoption — which for the number nerds out there is a monthly run rate of 30% per month! Congratulations to the merchant adoption team and Bakufu Ninja @NinjaBakufu

Let’s have a look at some newly enrolled businesses :

There’s also some suggestions at some big partners :

Concerts and events organisers

Also the cinema chat from last week. I think it’s only a matter of time before some really big companies get on board — then once the first one does, others will follow quickly.

Mainnet VØ

Plenty coding going on and it looks like the test harnesses are written.

Commit commit commit

I like this snippet — no real reason, but it’s the function to collect revenue from COMP and AAVE.

What rates are they giving at the moment? Well AAVE is returning up to 9.86% on USDT. This will vary based on demand and during a bear market will go down, but I think 7% would be reasonable at the moment. If the 60% to stakers code is to be believed then that would be 4.2%. I should clarify this is not the whole story as it will depend how much RSR is staked, but it’s a headline number.

But but Polkadot 14% sir! Well, yes, but remember the key difference — DOT is inflationary i.e. rewards are given by issuing new tokens. RSR will never mint anything. And the protocol will be BUYING RSR for staking rewards.

From — recommended

So adjusted reward is 5.14% at present.


Giveaways still going along nicely

Couple of hints at iOS

There was a gaming night and also a discussion on NFTs

Also, a quick poll on what ‘advisor’ users would choose

So — paving the way for a financial ‘advisor’? Maybe that advisor would be a savings account in the app….

Random one here — who knew Nevin had a sister?

As ever, thanks for reading and I’ll try to be on deadline this week!



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