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Reserve Adoption Update

Contract swap, socials, International Card, Refactoring…

Another week rolls round — big news this week obviously is the contract swap, so just in case you missed it…

Funds are SAFU

I’ve added the custom token on MetaMask after connecting my Ledger and I can see my new RSR balance. Remember kids, not your keys, not your coins.

Ok so what else do we have in this weeks round up.


Grr PayPal — they must have gone live.
Insta (or the Gram [cringe] as I heard yesterday) ++

All still looking good on the socials front — reviews up to 7113 as well. As I type I’m waiting for the number of app users.. will it come through — ooh the suspense.

Classic rare Roy Kinnear


Thanks again Cryptovester. So how many from last week and WEN 500,000?

Up from 445115 last week means 12,055 new users and 1722 per day, or 71 per hour, or 1.19 per minute.

Review ratings going up as well

Not the PayPal

Check out Publius Catari — a 180 review!

As an aside — the main telegram group got group mobbed by bots — loads of new members :-)

Welcome komrades!


Merchants still signing up — my weekly search through them was quite long today, so still looking good. January in general is usually quiet due to Xmas.

Yes you can book a hotel stay now with Reserve
Rattus rattus

Gabo has been tweeting about the need for the App development to be as user friendly as possible.

Interesting insight into the Zelle transfers into the App — sometimes payments get dropped from Zelle — and it seems the process involves the liquidity providers having Zelle and being available at the time of the request.

International Card

“How will you be paying for that Mr Bond?”

“With my International Reserve card, of courshhh” (Connery — the best).

“Carte International de Reserve, Monsieur Bond — BIEN SÛR”

Business Development Squad for the International Card

Confirmed by Matt Gertler in his weekly AMA

Visa — job done.

Team of 2 to start with, but this is exactly the functionality requested by App users. This opens up pretty much all purchases to Reserve, and also allows 1 solution for all countries. Watch this space.


Some time ago, there was mention of a refactoring. Oh boy — for those code-averse, skip to the next section.

Some of the Solidity contracts were being split into smaller, more testable units. Previous tests :

Old test scripts

New contracts in placeholders :

And test scripts, so it looks like the refactoring is well underway. I have it on good authority that the Dev team are pulling all the stops out.

Go for it people.

Which brings us on to…


First up — Reserve bought someone who had had a bad time with some transactions a free lunch

Bit random, but I don’t think they accept Reserve in Edinburgh yet (prays it is Edinburgh).

Eric M. Jackson has tweeted again

Hurrah for Eric
Good old Tron network — thanks Justin

And finally… a huuuuge thank you to everyone who has donated so far to The Hernandez’ kidney appeal — I transferred over $1201 this week. It has come at a critical time as they needed $700 for cardiovascular and pulmonary medical studies. More of this please if you can donate anything at all please visit :

As ever, thanks for reading!



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