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Reserve Adoption Update

Socials, GitHub, Kucoin, Liveri partnership and MORE

Welcome to black Friday — in more ways than one.

  • App / Socials
  • video / interview
  • Mainnet V1
  • Liveri delivery app
  • AOB

Now then, what’s been going on this week?

App / Socials

Ratings go up!

I think Appannie had a black friday sale on total ratings (5.8k last week). I think we can assume >5.8k. Still 100,000+ downloads, so it looks like I never predicted 500k before end of November. I always said first 2 weeks of December most likely. Always.

Up only?

Still a lot of people happy to be using Reserve — quick reminder why it’s preferable over P2P for the same service :

1 — Reserve guarantees the payment — no rugpulls or scams as is common with P2P (strangers)

2 — Near instant liquidity, P2P can take hours / days to find someone willing to trade Bolivars / Dollars in your amount

3 — Direct support in-app to help with your transactions

More PaRtNeRsHiPz!

Congratulations to the hard work from the support community 👏

Latest reviews still good

Oh Carlos!

And Dr Sasha Antunez sums it up for her — difficult to know the effects of hyperinflation when you are not in it — so in a similar way that kids have to wear a bag of flour for a few days to know the effect of being pregnant — we can all play along — every time you go to pay for something, just throw an extra 10% of the payment on the floor — every time. Then think about going shopping next week, when it’s 20% you throw away. Saving? Ha.

Businesses still being onboarded

Spotify recently available in Venezuela
Epic cat meme

To increase business onboarding, Reserve are hiring!

Institutional you say?

Video / Interview

Sinatra did part 2 of the Reserve flash course — thanks! Animation on staking as well.

Mainnet V1

Maybe a bit dry for some, but development and testing are still going apace in GitHub.

Oooh trading testing


Who, what, where, when why? They’ll make a reporter out of me yet.

An article on the popular Sumarium (197k twitter followers) broke it.

Liveri is a delivery app in Venezuela — similar to Yummy (remember them)


But they also do cinema tickets, food and concerts…

Cinex — seen that before
Heard something about this lot as well

I think it’s only in Caracas for now, but they take Reserve as payment, so the commercial network is now able to attract the bigger players due to the number of Reserve app users — so this adoption stuff works — who knew?


Well, quite a lot to get through here, so first up…

Ooohh a listing! A listing! And after the listing, the… oh ok not here. (Monty Python Holy Grail fyi)

Still going strong on the $10 rewards — both the lottery and also incentives to onboard businesses

There’s things afoot in the world of Axie —

Ok — you can do some… stuff.

Earning money — the worlds gone mad.

A good article on Axie in Vz

Cointelegraph are asking for contributors to an article on Reserve :

Interest! An Editor say yes.

An now for some super exciting (context mr mallo, context) news

Coinbase wallet!

Reserve dApp is on it’s way! I’ve got a Ledger so I’m alright, Jack.

Was Kucoin the Xi wallet? No. Quick check today…

Funds still safu.

Quick staking / new protocol / old protocol visual after Rooster Cogburn tweeted

Few salient points — Ok I might have pushed a point, but hey.

I might do a tweet to see what people want to see as far as staking examples go for next week…

Well, as ever, thanks for reading. Next up, December — and I’m willing to bet it’s going to be exciting! See you there.

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