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Reserve Adoption Update

Oh boy — it’s starting

Community outreach from Reserve team starts.

Happy Friday everyone, seen anything new? No — you must be on having a digital detox…

We’ll do it a bit differently this week to include our new newz.

  • App tracking
  • #RangersDay
  • September 7th
  • Social media
  • Other areas Reserve related

App tracking

Lets get through this..

Up 1

Currently sitting at 7th in Google Play — but this is temporary — see later.

Under 4 — not the best

Unfortunately we’ve dipped under a 4 star average review, invites being the Achilles heel of the App — they are waiting. Again, temporary — there is not a fundamental reason for the low reviews apart from invites. Total reviews 3100 — take that at 5% of users : 62,000 possible users.

1 star — because it’s not in Chile
Still enjoying the newness
I have to admit it’s getting better — it’s getting better every day.

An interesting update on Rosi, the AI helpbot


Hold on — that was only Tuesdays in July right? Now extended to first Tuesday of each month

Tuesdays confirmed

Invite madness just like the last 2 weeks

Basic theme — lots of invites
Business invites only..
Yolanda has given out a lot of invites
Feliz cumpleanos!

The Latin American Telegram Community now has over 20,000 members!

Last week 18k

September 7th

Huh? What kind of title is that? Well I am going to group the start of public awareness under this. It does have relevance — so lets go — this is big.

It started off with a tweet and then the Official Twitter Site:

You said mid-August ;-)

What does this mean then?

Ooh — chatting with Reserve!
7th September — Aaahhh

So on the 7th September, Reserve would like to petition the UN with 10,000 signatures to make them recognise access to a stablecoin is a human right. Lofty ambitions, but the vision for Reserve is the worlds reserve currency, not a flamingo*.

Also on the 7th September, the app will open like it did in March — everyone will be able to enter for a whole month — oh boy — that is a LOT of new users. This is why I mentioned temporary for the App position on Google Play.

If you haven’t already registered your interest, get onto Twitter — if you don’t twit then there is a webpage I found as well.

A button? Should I press it?
He’s in — are you?

Looks like there’s going to be a massive amount of content coming out really soon. Can’t wait. This will be a more human / non-crypto angle to Reserve. As I like to think of it, Reserve is a financial company with a crypto twist, not a crypto company with a financial twist.

Social Media

40k Twitter users *claps*

Still going well on all three fronts — TikTok getting some decent volume of watches as well.

And this one has been big

Other Areas Reserve Related

Quick whizz through the usual stuff

Giveaways still going
Something any OG RSR holder needs.. NFA
Still recruiting — 24/7 soon?

NNT Update

Nassim asked about Lebanon last week — now he’s put forward someone to help.

Go Nevin!

Wow — it’s probably a way off, but it’s a start.

‘Grayscale’ Wallet

It wasn’t the original buyers

Some cheeky scamp sent 56.68 RSR to the ‘Greyscale’ wallet. They have now moved everything out to 2 new wallets — probably accounting irregularities haha.

A portent of things to come? mentions Reserve Protocol.

There will be many more like this in the next few months. Is that a bull in the graphic?

Time to sign off — it’s time to get home — I’m late. Thanks for reading — see you next week!

* An exploratory name suggestion.



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