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Reserve Adoption Update

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Happy Friday! I’m going to race through as I’m running late…no crunchie either :-(

  • Socials
  • Adoption
  • Ranger program
  • Dating?!
  • GitHub
  • AOB
  • Caption competition winner



Yes — 648.3K!

TikTok is back! They have updated their numbers finally.

iPhone — pah 6% of phones smh
Peru — creepign up!

All looking good. Bit of a slip on iOS, but iPhone users only make up 6% of all phones in Venezuela.


Ooh what will the number be? Bit like guessing the flavour of milkshake Alberto frog was having… (is he on something? — no HERE).

So that’s 12,223, or 1746 a day

I’m still trying to get hold of the historic numbers — maybe next week. That’s nearly 100k new users this year.

Red Ranger Five has been filming again :

Ranger Program

The Ranger program is a series of education programs mainly tech based, but many have been tweeting stories of how they came to the Ranger program and how they have loved it -some excerpts :

Great to see Reserve going way beyond just launching an app.

Speed dating

Ok, it was Valentines day so…


P1 updated 2 days ago — things progressing nicely.


Quite a bit to get through here — so here goes..

An NFT club! I didn’t get in :-(

There were 2 giveaways to celebrate 500k users — one of $1000 and one of $500

Reserve held a Twitter spaces for work culture in crypto :

And today (Friday) there is a free webinar

Also a Q&A — a busy week in Reserve world.

Our advertising campaign, or Eric M. Jackson as he likes to be called has tweeted again :

A LISTING! Just when you thought everyone but CoinBase has listed RSR :

wen coinbase? would be a shame not to.

For the Dutch contingent (and there are quite a few- lekker) an article from

President Xi has loaded up again — to the new RSR contract!

Also, hot off the presses, Reserve has issued a new article — by Smeddy-o :

And finally — Uniswap pool is back for RSR — thank you to whoever set this up :

And so we come to the winner of the caption competition!!!! Drum roll please..



I’ll be honest here, it was the only reply, so I’ll have to think of a better engagement strategy. Well done Tim, by the way. Maybe I’ll start giving out trading advice — remember, don’t rush into a trade, there will be plenty more opportunities tomorrow and the day after.




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