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RSR TA Sunday — Edición Especial de Abril

Had to get a quick post up to mark a few pivotal events:

  • Some BIG NEWS from Reserve (see below).
  • The first quarter (3mo candle) of 2021 close.
  • The close of March monthly.
  • RSR/BTC Update.

First, the BIG NEWS from Reserve

There have been rumors swirling for days. If you are a regular visitor to The Lodge, or on the off chance you redeemed your ticket to the fabled Lodge Table, then you might know what I’m about to break here for the first time…

That’s right — Reserve will soon be migrating its main chain for transaction settlement away from Ethereum, to FruityChain!


What is FruityChain? FruityChain is a quantum-scaled, hyper-efficient blockchain that utilizes seedless private key obfuscation to enhance privacy for users so they can no longer access their own transactions! Even better, they have achieved over 100 TRILLION transactions per second (TPS) on their test net — more than any other competitor chain. They have even built a proprietary Internet to round out their innovative technology stack — no more nasty TCP/IP! All you need to do is uninstall Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, or Linux, or whatever operating system you are using, install FruityChain, then — voila! You are finally able to experience the true power of cryptographic technology.

Why do this? Especially when Ethereum scaling solutions are already working, and more scaling solutions are being worked on tirelessly? Well, one simple fact: FruityChain has the best marketing, advisors, and also offers 1,000%+ APY (paid in FRUITY) on all staked assets.

What does it mean for me? Nothing will change for you, except transactions will happen instantly. Sometimes transactions will even occur before you are aware you want to transact, due to the native hyperchain continuum technology and zero-knowledge AI neural networks utilized by FruityChain — talk about great user experience!

OK, now on to the boring stuff…

(Abbreviated) Technical Analysis — April 1st

Quarterly Timeframe — USDT Pair

A HUGE quarterly candle — the largest yet in both % and $ terms — 4.5x!

Monthly Timeframe — USDT Pair

Expecting a big April with how we are trending

Daily Timeframe — USDT Pair

$0.15 by mid-April?

Daily Timeframe — BTC Pair

Looking for a bounce from Channel 2 to Channel 3

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DISCLAIMER: “TA Sunday” is for entertainment and informational purposes only and is not meant to be construed as financial advice of any kind. All investments carry risks.

“TA Sunday” is not endorsed or supported by the Reserve Team, or any of its affiliates.



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