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An overview of our company — reservoir data systems

Reservoir Data Systems
Reservoir Data Systems


Reservoir Data Systems is a customer-focused, employee-driven data acquisition and transmission company servicing the energy industry. We proudly employ and support our team of over 25 members, spread across the United States. Our team has a wide variety of experience ranging from military to oil and gas “lifers” and hail from locations all over the world — Chile, Honduras, and the UAE to name a few.

In 2019 alone, Reservoir Data Systems served over 65 different oil and gas companies while monitoring over 1,000 wells, logging over 3,000 field hours, and streaming over 5 billion bytes of data.

Mission and Values

Our mission

“ to empower our customers to make better decisions by providing them with insightful data.”

What does this mean? It is easily summed up by the acronym of our real-time data platform we call AVID. It stands for acquire, visualize, integrate, and decide.

Acquire — RDS specializes in data acquisition. We provide the industry with cost-effective, high resolution/quality, and reliable data acquisition solutions that allow customers to monitor their operations and field data in real-time. If you would like to monitor a process, operation, or piece of field equipment — we can make that happen.

Visualize — With our AVID platform, we enable our customers to visualize, monitor, and stay notified of what is occurring on their location. The platform allows our customers to customize their data — whether it’s custom resolutions for export or custom text/email alerts, YOU are in control of YOUR data.

Integrate — Our philosophy on data is simple, it’s your data and you should be able to use it where you want it with as little friction as possible. This is why we introduced our REST API — allowing our customers to query their data where ever and whenever they want. The days of custom formats and proprietary software are a thing of the past — our goal is to allow you to utilize your data as quickly and easily as possible in any platform or solution that you prefer.

Decide — Ultimately raw data, alone, is not valuable. Further, large volumes of difficult to use and siloed data is equally as useless. It isn’t until data is made easy to use (ETL), analyzed, and then a decision is made, that its true and maximum value is realized. Our goal is to empower you (through data) to make an easier, more insightful decision than you might have been able to make otherwise.

We believe that data should be cost-effective, easy to use, reliable, accurate, actionable, accessible, and real-time.

Our Values

These values are more than words on a page. They were diligently picked and thoughtfully defined by members of the company as traits/characteristics that they expect their fellow employees, and themselves, to uphold.

Integrity — We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do

Accountability — We take ownership and strive for excellence

Candor — We handle conflict directly and respectfully; we do not gossip

Unity — We put “team over self”

Growth — We embrace change and continually advance

Ingenuity — We think differently and are resourceful problem-solvers

Service — We serve our customers and each other with joy and passion

Grit — We work with conviction and never give up

Courage — We are disciplined risk-takers and don’t make decisions based on fear

Our History

Ralph and Rebekah

Reservoir Data Systems was founded in 2004 by Ralph Hamrick and his daughter, Rebekah Shipman. Ralph (a 30-year oil and gas veteran) and Rebekah (a recent petroleum engineering graduate from Texas A&M) founded the company as they saw a gap in the data acquisition space in the U.S. oil and gas market. They bootstrapped the company out of the family’s garage and to this day (15 years later), the company continues to be 100% family-owned and self-funded.

As the market has evolved, so has the company. Initially, the company was focused on providing offshore and onshore conventional U.S. oil and gas operators with a cost-effective data acquisition option that provided exceptional customer service. The company excelled at providing affordable, reliable pressure transient (PTA) data acquisition and analysis services.

EBOT — Surface Pressure Gauge

As the energy market shifted from, offshore conventional assets to onshore unconventional plays, the company continued to expand their offerings. In the late 2000s, the company began offering real-time streaming data in conjunction with their traditional memory gauge data solution enabling their customers real-time insight into what was happening on their location. The company also began offering Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT/D.F.I.T./Minifrac) acquisition and analysis services to support this new market.


In the mid-2010s, the company also added real-time fracture interference monitoring as well as downhole memory gauge tools to their applications. In 2019, the company deployed their new user interface, known as A.V.I.D. (Acquire, Visualize, Integrate, Decide), giving their customers a modern, faster, and more customized user experience. Along with AVID came a new REST API feature, allowing their customers to stream the data in real-time directly to their own data warehouse, enabling them to perform their own analysis and apply their own custom algorithms to their data.

In 2019 the company was also named on the of “Best Places to Work” by the Houston Business Journal. In recent years, the company has starting working with their customers to provide new monitoring services in the completions and production space. The company continues to innovate new solutions based on the feedback and insight of their customers in an effort to enable them to make their data more actionable and easier to use.

Our Fearless Leader & CEO


Rebekah grew up in the oil and gas industry along the Texas/Louisiana gulf coast, where she vowed she would never get into the business. As fate would have it, she earned her bachelors in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas A&M where her passion was reservoir engineering. She initially joined the company as a reservoir engineer where she focused on pressure transient analysis and technical support. As the company grew, so did Rebekah’s responsibility, ultimately taking over as President and CEO in 2013.

In 2016, she graduated with her MBA from the University of Texas — Red McCombs School of Business. As if co-founding and running a company and getting her MBA didn’t keep Rebekah busy enough, she is also the proud mother to her daughter Emily and loving wife to her husband Cecil. Rebekah currently sits on the boards of numerous companies while also managing her own investment company.

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Reservoir Data Systems
Reservoir Data Systems

Data acquisition and transmission company empowering the energy industry to make better decisions by providing insightful data--learn more www.reservoirdata.com