A night of passion of a hippie and a futurist

They were still trembling, recovering, relaxing from what just came before, hands interlaced, letting the pleasure roam freely over their bodies. Both of them were lying on a fresh grassy ground staring at the night sky.

Two pairs of eyes enjoying the spectacle of the stars whimsically, with a warm feeling in their chests. Two pairs of eyes looking at the same thing but seeing something completely different.

One would be fascinated with how those gigantic masses of hydrogen nuclear reactions, shining at millions of light years distance, would work together to create such an impressive spectacle. The other would see the connection with nature, a sacred link between sky and earth for all living beings to enjoy.

He was a futurist, obsessed with technology and with how the machines would allow humanity to advance and bring wellbeing to everyone. He had an optimistic nature and almost ironically due to his ironclad atheism a huge faith on the fact that science would be the solution to everything everywhere.

She was a hippie, a person with her thoughts painted on green, firm believer in the spiritual bond that connects humans and nature, a pacifist and a free thinker. She was always in the first line to protest against injustice and against the egotistical destruction of nature.

Truth be said they were a bit of an odd couple. Their relation felt kind of off and, emotional and passionate as they were, it wasn’t uncommon for them to have discussions that would turn into arguments. Sometimes he would defend a technique to grow vegetables that would allow to feed the entire world population but she would answer back that the technique would destroy nature; sometimes she would regret how the consumerist need for machines was creating wars and he would argue back that was greed’s fault not machines’.

Despite that, the love and respect they had for each other was by far bigger than any of those arguments. And those arguments were the result of nothing but a rather explosive expression of their passions and beliefs. Both of them shared a great desire for a better world and loved and respected life unlike any other, those shared feelings would create a bond stronger than any other differences.

From the passion of that starry night a child was conceived.

As their daughter she was nurtured with the beliefs and the contradictions of her parents. She would equally love technology and ecology. She would look at the world with a certain degree of naivety and with insurmountable loads of hope, her name was Reset Society.