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If you’re like me, you’ve been at the receiving end of countless frantic phone calls from friends and relatives with tech issues ranging from mobile phones troubles to crashed hard drives. I’ve been going house to house fixing stuff for so long, I became complacent towards the underlying issue with each distress. To illustrate what i mean — when somebody calls you to ask why their iPhone has become slow after the last system update, the answer lies not in shutting down the 100’s of open apps but rather begs the questions as to why you bought an iPhone in the first place. This has been a known issue with apple products right from the start.

Coming back to my point about making right tech decisions, I believe Linux Mint Qiana has been my best so far. Its a very clean user friendly system (user friendly is a term i thought i’d never use in a Linux context). The UI is similar to the sort of operating system users from Windows and Mac are used to. There is an app drawer with search, firefox/chrome browser, standard document editors and a bunch other inbuilt useful tools.

I’m currently running this distribution on all the computers in my house. My parents who have never used an operating system outside of windows took to it pretty easily with being able to perform all basic functions like browsing hard drives, watching movies, browsing the internet and editing documents.

At this point I must note the importance of cloud storage.

I signed up for google drive the day it was made available to beta testers — I’ve never looked back. The drive with a 15 GB limit has all my important documents and im never afraid of losing any of my really important data. Cloud storage also plays a useful role when it comes to using operating systems outside of Windows and Mac Os. Having all my documents on google drive allows me to use the online document editor which is surprisingly good and a definite step up from the likes of Libre Office and Open Office in my opinion.


As the resident nerd in the house, having everybody using linux in the house is extremely convenient from a maintenance point of view. I have enabled SSH on all the computers and I’m now able to diagnose and fix problems remotely as well as run periodic system updates. Since mint updates are generally more staggered as compared to ubuntu, it is a bit more stable.


I am currently running linux mint on the following computers

  • Asus i7–2.3GHz Laptop — 4GB RAM
  • Acer Intel Atom Netbook — 2 GB RAM x2
  • Dell Core2duo Quad Core 2.3 GHz Desktop

As you can see I’m running the distro on an a bunch of hardware from different generations and I faced no problems so far except for an ATI display driver issue which was easily fixed.


This is a distro i would highly recommend for new/non Linux users. Its fast, user friendly and loaded with features. You can check out some good detailed reviews from the links below.


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Linux Mint Qiana Overview with Screenshots

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Linux Mint Download Page — Cinnamon Edition Recommended

Linux Mint Installation Guide Video

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Originally published at on December 9, 2014.

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