Top 3 Free Django Beginner Tutorials — Resident Nerd Reviews

Level 1 — Absolute Beginner Level Walkthrough Tells you how to get a basic website up and running. Does not go very deep into topics like CRUD but touches upon it towards the end.

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Level 2 — Beginner Level Tutorial Series by Mike Hibbert goes into more details about creating and modifying Views, Models and Templates. If you are using these tutorials to teach yourself Django, I would recommend stopping about halfway through this series and go try and build your project. The later parts of this tutorial focus a lot on advanced topics like user registrations and other complex operations. Before you go there you needs to iron out the kinks in your knowledge which will only happen when you do it yourself.

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Level 3 — Polishing up the Basics Once you’re at this stage you can check out this tutorial series by Chris Hawkes. It goes into a bit more detail about setting up Views, Models and Templates and also goes into user registration.

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Level 4 — Revisit Level 2 Series where you left off.

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