We welcome Rob Aldred to Resident.ly

Our second new starter in our Manchester engineering team is Rob Aldred, who joins us as a software engineer.

I had the pleasure of working with Rob before — I was developer #1 for On The Beach Travel and Rob was #2. We formed a great working relationship and I considered myself very lucky that he was looking for his next opportunity just as we were getting started with our team build.

Rob’s a real generalist and is equally comfortable working on the web, on mobile and on 3D games. He’s released a bunch of his own apps for both iPhone and Android and confesses that even though he’s usually found working in Ruby and JavaScript, his favourite language is C#!

We’ve had fun over the last couple of weeks working out how we approach our problem space, and finding the best combination of our ways of working. Both Rob and Mike are used to an agency environment where quality was high but opportunities to iterate were few. By contrast, in our team we’re happy to do something small, learn something big and then iterate — it’s one of the great things about working in an internal product team. Rob’s already been crucial in building and releasing some of those building blocks and we’re only just getting started.

Welcome Rob!