Welcome Jennifer Bell

This week we’re delighted to introduce Jennifer, who has joined us as a software engineer. A native Canadian, Jennifer has worked at startups in both Canada and the US and has been involved in two acquisitions — she was employee #1 and Director of Product Management at Tungle (acquired by RIM) and Senior Engineer at Nimcat Networks (acquired by Avaya).

As a founder, she created VisibleGovernment, a Canadian non-profit promoting open government data, and launched pilot projects, including fixmystreet.ca and talking to MPs about technology and data. Most recently, Jennifer’s also been working on her own property project as founder of BlockVoice.

With a wealth of experience in business, product, agile, engineering and analytics (she has an MBA in Finance, too!) Jennifer has bought a lot to our team already — she’s passionate about creating value, continuous delivery and, of course, fixing renting. As a recent arrival in the UK, she’s experienced our rental industry first hand and was, well, surprised about how things are currently done. We can’t wait to change it for good.

Welcome Jennifer!