We’ve moved into our first office

Not our official typeface!

Last week we moved into our Manchester office, in Headspace Manchester. After our first few weeks working remotely and from home, it’s great to be together as a team.

The office gives us plenty of room to expand the team and also allows us a fantastic view across the Central Library, the Town Hall and the Midland Hotel. It’s a proper Manchester location which fits perfectly for what we’re trying to do.

The building itself was built in 1874 for the Inland Revenue, built at the same time and in the same Victorian Gothic Revival style as the iconic town hall — as a former Victorian historian, it appeals to me that we have a statue of Queen Victoria herself on the building’s facade!

Awesome light fitting on the staircase

This is our space for collaboration, planning, designing and building. As a distributed company (many of our team are in London) we keep our daily routines online using Slack, Trello and Hangouts meaning that whilst we have this physical space, we can work from anywhere.

Co-location is important and helpful, though, and having a space that we love coming to every day helps makes the easy path the good path.

The team at Headspace have been super welcoming and many of you Manchester folk will have been at the opening party last week — or maybe we’ll see you at Silicon Drinkabout tomorrow… it’s on the fourth floor :)