Cities, Trains, And Culture In A Pandemic

By Patrick M. Lydon

The Yamato River in Japan, with Osaka’s Tennoji District in the distance
View of Izumiōtsu (泉大津駅) in the southern edge of Osaka Prefecture, with mist-covered mountains in the distance.
Inside a Jeju Air flight between Osaka and Incheon during the COVID-19 pandemic
(Suhee Kang): A chartered bus between Incheon Airport and Gwangmyeong Station, the specified rail hub for all international arrivals during the pandemic.
View of the main platform area at Gwangmyeong Station from the isolation area.
A view of the Korean countryside along the KTX bullet train
The moon rising after nightfall at a typical Korean apartment development
Shops, plants, and bicycles along the alley where the author lives in the ‘Kitakagaya’ neighborhood of Osaka, Japan



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