Functional Programming, What You’re Missing

So you want a pure functional function eh? 
Ok, so you:

1. Make a function
2. It needs many arguments (Seriously, this is real life kids, lots of factors to consider.)
3. So you make it take an object instead
4. So you refer to that object for all of the references and values you need
5. Ok, now your function needs to use another util function (or two, or more)
6. So you send multiple values to the util function
7. You wrote the util function so you can change it to take an object so that you don’t have to keep adding to the number of argument (again)
8. You refer to that object to get all of your values and so on
9. Rinse and repeat with any other util functions you might be using
10. Jeez, if only you had a place to just keep all that data where multiple functions could refer to it and work together to achieve a unified goal
11. So you invent OOP!

If you don’t get it, stop programming now and save us all some trouble, seriously.