Apologists for racism

Confront Trump voters; “understanding” them is easy

We the People by Geoff Livingston CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Let’s be crystal. fucking. clear. about one thing: “liberals” are not driving Trump voters away.

No one is driving them anywhere. They are driving themselves to his rallies, to vote for him, to their television sets and phones where they watch narratives that reinforce their beliefs about their embattled privilege, their exploitation by immigrants, and their religious persecution by LGBTQIA+ people — especially those who want to get married, or use the bathroom — and Muslims.

Where does this asinine bullshit that “liberals” are responsible for Trump voters come from?

It comes from a bunch of privileged people who want to claim that someone else is responsible for how the system operates.

You are either ignorant, and you don’t know what is happening, or you are indifferent, you know and don’t care.

Here’s a choose-your-own adventure fork: are you ignorant or indifferent?

If you’ve never asked yourself, “Can someone really not be political?” now is the time to do so, and here’s a post about it.

If you live in a racist society and you benefit in that society, you benefit from racism. Own that.

No one said it’s easy to face the fact that we are willing to accept violating someone’s human rights based on their race if it means we get a better job. That is racist. That’s not supposed to be easy to accept. Welcome to being human.

racism: n. the belief that it is acceptable to deny or violate a person’s human rights because of their race.

You don’t get to avoid it because it’s hard to accept. It was fucking hard to accept that I’d grown up with indefensible beliefs that it was ok to ridicule someone’s sexual orientation. It was painful to confront it. It took effort to stop using “gay” as an insult. It feels awkward. So fucking what?

No one owes you some sort of special politeness because you’ve grown up in a racist society and have a lot of racist beliefs. You’re not special. Get over it. Deal with the discomfort. Question your beliefs. Make friends with someone who is different than you are and care about them at least as much as you care about yourself.

No one is asking you to commit acts of public self-flagellation. Dig in, get to work, and accept being confronted. We all make mistakes every day. We don’t sit in the corner and pout. Get up, dust yourself off, smile, and be on your way.

If you chose the “I’m indifferent” fork, here you are. You know what racism is, and you don’t care. You don’t have an issue with some racist policies if it means you might get a better job.

Well, fuck off. We don’t need you to build a better world because there are millions of people who are on board to do that. Millions more than there are who voted for that fucking little authoritarian who sexually assaults women and brags about it.

The thing is, those of us who are fighting for a more just and equitable society are fighting for your rights and welfare, too. You’ll benefit when everyone benefits. But you won’t get a special place and you won’t get to use your position to deprive anyone else of their rights. Sounds terribly oppressive, right? Oh fucking well.