Racists are already afraid

And that’s because racism is an inherently inferior idea

Aryan Guard in Kensington 2 by Robert Thivierge CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the responses to Make America Great Again is Make Racists Afraid Again. I’ll admit that I chuckle when I hear this, but it’s absolutely wrong.

No wait, hear me out on this.

Those pathetic, weak, cowardly little anti-social fucks are extremely afraid right now, every day.

That’s why they act like special little delicate snowflakes who cannot withstand the heat of someone challenging their pathetic, irrelevant, and indefensible ideas.

That’s why they get triggered when they see two people of different histories sharing their love with one another and their families.

That’s why they need safe spaces where they exclude anyone who is a tiny bit different than they are.

That’s why they need people to treat their delicate self-esteem with kid gloves when telling them they are not interesting or desired.

Racists are already afraid, terrified, in fact. And that is a good thing.

It’s a good thing because the default action of the majority of white people is still “but, I’m not racist!”

It’s a good thing because racism is still a massive, extensive, intertwined part of every aspect of civic and business life in the United States.

It is a good thing because racist structures in our society must be demolished and rendered incapable of ever returning.

And that is the thing that should be absolutely, vividly clear by now. We have done a terrible job of removing racism and we have done near nothing to prevent it from returning to our society.

We must make it a daily routine to ensure that racists stay very fucking afraid as we demolish the racist structures in our society.

Racists are already afraid. That’s a good thing. Recognize this position of strength. Act accordingly. Don’t budge an inch.