Step One: Reject Gender Marketing

I hate gender marketing. I hate it.

I hate it because it’s damaging our children and creating coping mechanisms that they spend their twenties trying to undo.

I hate it because it’s the ultimate in marketing refinement and focus, which has crossed the line from responding to the market to forcing into a predictable shape.

Gender marketing is not about our children. It’s not about what’s best for them or who they are. It serves one major purpose, and that is to create predictable consumers. If you are shaped to live your life in one of two dynamics then it is easy to sell you products. But we all know the truth. Life is not binary. It’s so far from binary, it’s laughable the amount of money we pour into convincing people that it is, to sell them something they probably don’t want.

I am not obligated to raise a child who responds to the binary system. The system is regressive and dumb. And with all the technology in this world, the amount of money that is poured into upholding the binary marketing to children, when it could be creating tools to find the unique products for your unique child, is insane and the primary reason why you can often find me in a store rhetorically and loudly asking the ceiling, “WHY DON’T YOU WANT MY MONEY?”

5 years ago, it was, “if dinosaur shirts were made in pink, I would throw my money at it.”

3 years ago, it was, “where are the Black Widow toys??”

This year, it was, “if there was a Maui doll with silky hair, instead of plastic, I would throw my money at it.”

I reject gender marketing. The Resistance Parent store rejects gender marketing. There are no “girl” or “boy” categories or tags. Since we don’t sell underoos, there is no need for them. If it’s a toy, it’s for girls. If it’s a toy, it’s for boys. If it’s a toy, it’s for gender nonconforming. It’s not up to me to decide if your child will like it, that is a responsibility and joy reserved for you, the parent.

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