What is Resistance Parent?

Raising kids who give a shit.

The election gave birth to so many things and sparked an avalanche of self reflection. While so many of my friends began protesting and calling and writing and doing all of the great acts of participation, I was squeezing what little time I had between work, husband and three small children into knowing the day’s headlines.

Information by Facebook Feed was a rage-inducing echo chamber of fuuuuuuck…

Inside my head, a neon sign started glowing with annoying intensity, “raise your kids.” One of greatest things I can do is raise my tiny humans to be good humans. And by “greatest”, I mean the magnitude of their exponential potential times the number of decisions they will make in a lifetime, raised by the number of other humans they will interact with, multiplied by a factor of an infinite number of possible life vectors. And by “good”, I mean active participants in the world, their community and their families without sacrificing their life, love and health.

Ok, raise my tiny humans to give a shit about the world. That’s what I already wanted to do, and the election affirmed it with passion and fear.

But, how do I make sure I raise kids who give a shit?

Hell if I know. There are no guarantees in life. Parenting means doing your best and in 10–20 years, life will start grading your biology project. There is no extra credit in the classroom of life.

I’m starting with this intent: Raise WHOLE people. Listen to my child’s entire voice. Honor the whole person. They are not me; and I will spend a lifetime learning who they are and how best to support them as they grab the world by the scruff and drag it forward.

Step One: Reject Gender Marketing

Step Two: Feed the Glitter Bombs

Step Three: Be a Whole Person Parent

Step Four: Grab the World by the Scruff

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