Image by Efe Nakpodia, inspired by Jay Z

A country in a country’s
where we’re headed any minute;
countries within countries
will begin in 2020.

Power drove us crazy
in our twenties and a Bentley
but now the vision’s clearer,
our decisions are reflected.

Countries in a country won’t need
passes for an entry and
these shifts and relocations
have been happening for centuries.

People will be chanting
when these walls start falling
and trumpets will echo in 
the music of the call.

It’s like a movie in my mind
when I sit and play it back and
watch white worlds crack
because blacks support black.

Dreaming of a future where
our futures are intact,
and my daughter’s self esteem
is worth more than Halifax.

I share these prescient poetics
without asking for a penny;
for the country in my thoughts
will be like heaven’s gates to many.

It’s nearly 20:20
so before the show begins,
let the record show
the imperfections of a king.