And That’s What Really Hurts

What were we when the wine turned;
when it spilled on garden party shoes?

We were the outlandish horror of red drenched leather,
journeying from toe, to sole, to manicured earth.

Where were we when the millionth torch burned out,
when the city blinked, shivered, and went dark?

We were mingling in the places that became us,
our mother-of-pearl dipped skin, clever and clear.

How did we pass out, tumble, and get rolled;
our stolen pride floating down midnight’s gutter?

We toasted our triumphs as we drank the world dry;
and that’s what really hurts.

Lyric credit, “And that’s what really hurts”, to radiohead, from the song, “Just”, on their album, “The Bends”.